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  1. So... Is there really going to have an Astro Plan section in M3? I can't wait to see you do it, March, even just for the lols.
  2. Yo, welcome back March. I kinda worried about you when you have been absent from the Net for many months, so it's good to hear you're back. BTW Seto Kaiba, like your avatar. BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD, SKULL FOR THE SKULL THRONE!
  3. Wow, is that mean Nagano knows multiple languages?
  4. BTW, anyone saw the WAVE's new 1/144 Yen Xing? It's one gorgeous MM, if you asked me. Unfortunately, Gears Online has only a few info about it. Can someone told me more about Yen Xing ie who's the one who currently operate it, if any?
  5. Just a question: does anyone has extra info about YF-25? After seeing the manual at Dalong.net, I fall in love with YF-25's design.
  6. Well, isn't there's an anime for Volume 1?
  7. Well, I know someone posted a picture of a Berlin SR-2's kit earlier in that threat, but yeah, I share the same thinking with you. BTW, do anyone ever seen Mirage S2 (aka Cloudsschätze)'s alt mode? I wonder how it looked like.
  8. Ouch, I guess I use the wrong word. When I say 'glorified', I mean more beautiful, elegant, have more fantasy elements than SF, etc. Basically it's a praise.
  9. Now seeing the examples themselves, why I have a sudden feeling that FSS is the glorified version of L-Gaim? Speaking of mecha design, it should note that most of Nagano's post L-Gaim design use 'movable frame' concept, basically just a skeleton with pieces of armor attached to it, which is an irony, seeing that Bandai's successful MG model kit line also use more and more of a very similiar concept when designing recent gunpla.
  10. Well, also don't forget he also designs L-Gaim and Hyaku Shiki, the first gold MS in Gundam franchise. I guess his past experience working with profit-driven Bandai makes Nagano sicks and don't want FSS to be make by Bandai.
  11. What!? NOOOOOO!!! Don't smash my dreams for Volume XIII like that. Still, how big the chance that Nagano really abandoned FSS? 100%?
  12. Yeah, I know what you means. I'm looking forward for your FSS project, especially when it comes to the MHs and Buster technology.
  13. Nice Berlin SR2! Seito Kaiba: Well, I can't really remember how I get to know FSS, but I think mostly because of Gears Online. I have read volume 1 and 2, but not the rest. Speaking of FSS, I remember during one of my visit to my local bookstore, I happens to spot a Chinese FSS book. There's nothing much inside the book, which is basically a model kit catalog, and didn't buy it. Now it's gone from the bookstore, I suddenly think I'm being stupid for not buying such a rare book, especially about FSS which is not famous in my place. Regret my decision till this day.
  14. Well, I do join the forums at Gears Online, but the FSS section is somewhat in a sleeping/death state now, no less because of lack of news from the man himself. Nagano, where are you? We're missing you, you know.
  15. Yeah, Nagano really likes to enjoy his life. Well, at least there's the (expensive) models from Volks to look out for.
  16. Seeing Seto Kaiba's awesome Knight of Gold (KOG) avatar, I wonder if anyone here at MacrossWorld Forum that are fans of Five Star Stories? The mecha design is simply awesome and beautiful. My favourite one are KOG and LED Mirage, although the Engage series is a close second.
  17. Any news on the F-35? When will the plane finally be officially put into service?
  18. Ask any woman about it, and you would get the answer. Back on topic, I'm glad we finally solve this mystery. Kudos to Gubaba for his hard work.
  19. Still, awesome job for disproving this myth, Gubaba. Your hard work earn my respect. So, what's the verdict? Confirmed, plausible, or busted? I say it's... BUSTED!!!
  20. Well, just watch TTGL in Animax Asia, and I'm somehow surprised and pleased that they air the DVD version of episode 6. I thought they might go for the less racy TV version. Again, good job, Animax Asia!
  21. Dalong has just reviewed it a while ago. http://dalong.net/review/mg/m102t/m102t_p.htm
  22. VFTF1: It's Gaogaigar. And that's the Chouginga Gurren-Lagann, the second last upgrade of Gurren-Lagann, appearing in the final 2 episodes.
  23. I don't know... In a certain extent, ALL anime (and ALL story) is predictable, and I like it that way. I mean, I would be shocked if one day I picked up an anime named Macross, and tada, there's no more ridiculous robots or planes, no more annoying girls singing even more annoying songs, and no 'heck-quickly-pick-your-choice-and-get-over-with-it-you-moron' love triangle, and instead replaced by some soap drama. I would toss it into the bin and say: 'You damn cheater! Are you insulting my intelligence?! That's no Macross, damn it, no Macross!' Besides, I saw even more real people doing more things that really insults my intelligence than most anime did.
  24. 我认同!拍得蛮不错。 Nice pictures. Hope to see more from you, Dana!
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