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  1. Listed for $290 at https://www.nippon-yasan.com/macross/9625-macross-zero-1-60-kanzen-henkei-vf-0d-phoenix-kudou-shin-model.html
  2. Quick question- did they forget to put on the right knee armor or does it only come with the left knee armor? Sorry, I never watched the shows so I wasn't sure.
  3. Just curious to know but if you pre order a 25S from NY don't they email you a confirmation? I was lucky to get one ordered yesterday and went through the entire pre-order process and see it in my Order History but I still haven't received an email confirmation.
  4. Back up on NY.... $203.00
  5. Glad to see a few of my fellow Macross brothers were able to grab one
  6. NY…go go go go!!!!!!!!
  7. Great news!!! I finally received my package in the mail today and did a quick inspect...so far so good. I hope those who are still waiting for their YF-29 get them soon
  8. Anybody in the US get theirs yet? Reason I'm asking is because I received a shipped confirmation from NY back on 12/24 and my package is still not here. I had chosen the ECO SAL delivery and I can see that it was dispatched from outward office on 12/25. Usually by now I can track my package to see if it made it through customs but I don't see it. Should I be worried and contact NY? Thanks
  9. @ TCracker- dam those pics look great. I hope I get my package today
  10. I hope for those that didn't get one. The cheapest one I've seen on the internet was for $950. That's crazy...thank god I got one when they first came out.
  11. I'm going to be patient and wait for version 2.0 to come out. It seems like Bandai has a consistent history of rushing their first batch (ie. Frontier series) then realizing all the improvements they should have made by releasing 2.0. Anybody else feel this way?
  12. zulu

    Blast from the Past!

    Could you imagine what it would be like if all the companies decided to stick with Yamatos 1/48 scale and not switch to 1/60. OMG swooshing around a 1/48 Nora or a VF11c would be amazing!!
  13. Hey guys, I've seen in the past where there is a website that shows the difference between the v1 and v2. If there is one can u please post the link. I just want to make sure that the small differences equal the $300 plus price tag.
  14. Anybody heard on when the Ozma 25s will be released? It's crazy how long this is taking
  15. zulu

    DX Chogokin Super VF-27

    Woot!!! Just received a message they were processing my order for shipment
  16. Question- I thought NY always gave the cheaper price once it was time to pay your pre-order. Example: I pre-ordered the VF-25F for $219 and now it's listed at $209 so shouldn't I have paid that price? Anybody else noticed this on their invoice? I'm going to send them an email to find out.
  17. Woah!!! I just picked up my package today from NY and I'm not happy with what I saw. I had ordered 2 of them and only saw 1 in the box. I took some pics and I'm going to send them an email to let them know. One thing that is obvious is that the box it came in could only fit 1 valk and not 2 so I'm thinking whoever packaged my request goofed big time. Has this ever happened to another board member? What was your outcome?
  18. Whew!!! Thanks for putting my nerves at ease
  19. I just got mine from NY today and I noticed something that scared me at first. As I was checking to make sure I wasn't missing anything (ie: extra hands, knife, gun, etc) I didn't see a pilot and my heart stopped. As I was about to panic I noticed the pilot was already placed inside the cockpit. Has anybody else experienced this? The box was fully sealed before I opened it so should I be worried that this could have been a used toy and then repackaged?
  20. I think Otacute is closing shop and not doing anymore pre-orders
  21. zulu

    DX Chogokin Super VF-27

    Its back up on NY for $250...just got one- best of luck to those looking to snag one
  22. I took a pic to show you guys... its weird now that I think about it because I have bought a lot of figures from NY and this is the first time I ever saw a sales sticker.
  23. And to add insult to injury, NY left the little sales sticker on the box which read 14700yen which equates to about $147.72. Nice little $60 mark up ><
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