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  1. I only buy Arcadia Premium Finish valks, from Arcadia.ac, using my Tenso forwarding address, never had an issue. They even sent the replacement legs for my SV51 to my Tenso address.
  2. 1/72 = 0 1/60 = 1 1/48 = 4
  3. I just traded a wave sdf-1 for a Megatron MP-05, with Eternal_D, smooth transaction, great communication, no problem whatsoever... I'm very happy with my trade... Just to let everyone know
  4. Actually started in mmmm 84 ~ 85, (I was 9 years old) after coming to visit the states (I lived in Peru), I was crazy about the Robotech TV show.... so when I came here the first thing I saw in Toys R Us, was a Matchbox Veritech, bought it instantly. When I got to the hotel..... surprise surprise.... the piece of crap didn't transform , boy what a bummer.... Next time I came to Toys R Us.... I saw the Transformers Jet Fire..... bought it instantly, and I was hooked. I knew the Takatoku brand existed because I got a Orguss and Nickick for Xmas. And to my surprise came with a little book
  5. I got also bitten by the 12" bug... started with the Medicom Darth Vader ROTJ version, although I have in preorder the Takara Kerberos Protect Gear, HT Robocop 3 w/ FP (I already have ED-209, beatiful toy, and freaking big), and plan to buy the Medicom Stormtrooper & Boba Fett; maybe even the Medicom Rei (regular version no bandages). I think the same as EXO, you can buy so much macross stuff with that money, but everywhere I see, there's a new HT, or Medicom figure...and they always look good on the pics. By the way.... does anyone know were I can get a spare helmet for the Darth Vad
  6. They're sold out everywhere, I was looking for one too; and I found it on 2 stores, BigBadToyStore.com, but it says the boxes are not in excellent condition. The other store is TISINC99, I've bought several toys here with no problems, and he has the Stealth FP, which I bought. I hope this helps.
  7. WOW ...... that ED-209... I guess it is Hot Toys... I didn't know it was that big, looks bigger than the 1/48s... again WOW I have to get one Again... Cool collection
  8. That is perfect.... now that the VF-0A is getting fixed I'm getting one... Only hope they also fix the VF-0S.... GREAT NEWS YAMATO !!!!
  9. Yes I think it's standard, mine don't match either, but when they're on, they don't fall off so.... it's not a big deal for me...
  10. I have 3 1/48 VF-1 (J, S, J Stealth) , and I couldn't be happier with them. They're sturdy, you can pose them easily (they keep the pose), they are pretty solid. I had also a VF-0S, beatiful..... but what a floppy mess , the arms were so floppy that you couldn't pose them, and the valk when in fighter mode, when you picked it up, it bended a little bit in the middle ; I guess this is because of the sliding nosecone. I loved this valk, but I ended up selling it on ebay, because of all this. Also that I heard that the new VF-0A, was much sturdier.... so my plan was buying a VF-0A, and wa
  11. Have you tried checking Takatoys webpage? I think he's still taking orders
  12. There's two MWers who make decals (anazasi37 & Night Stalker) they have set a webpage where you can buy them. They have a lot of different ones... Now if you don't like decals and prefer stickers, there's a MWer, Takatoys who makes great stickers. I'm not sure which stickers come with Kakizaki, but I'm pretty sure they must be the standard ones that come with all the other 1/48 valks.
  13. I wasn't going to buy a PS3 until april or may, because basically I thought, It was gonna be hard as hell to find one, so I didn't even tried.... and I thought I could use the money to instead buy Yamato Macross goodies (lots of valk ).... I went yesterday to a Gamestop just around the corner from where I live, I had to buy a little nephew a present, he is 7 and becoming a little video game freak as me (he has a gamecube), so I thought to give him a used Gameboy Advance (around 20$ + 5$ for insurance), along with a game; and get him started on portable gaming. So I was in line minding my ow
  14. I also have the same problem.... "japan_toyz" - bought a Soul of Chogokin GX-29 Black Ox. Got the same email from ebay. Tried to email the guy and I get a delivery failure; so I also filled a complaint with paypal. This has never happened to me before....
  15. rarra92

    VF-0A poll

    Well, if they release the Ghost in a separate package (that I know they will) later, then it's a no brainer, it's a matter to choose between a couple of white lines.... My humble opinion is get the 0A, and then buy the Ghost; so you won't spend so much upfront by buying a combo with both....
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