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  1. Ha! It seems so obvious now that I see it. They'll look great once that error is corrected.
  2. This is exactly what I've wanted for many many years so hopefully they turn out well. I've got a long history of Toynami's toys turning to crap so the fact they are related to Toynami at all is my only cause for concern. It seems they may be made and produced by Oritoy with just Toynami distributing them, so hopefully that will result in some quality figures. I do think Rick and Roy's hair seems a bit limp. Since they don't need to fit the helmets over those heads (helmeted heads are swappable) they should really go wild with the hair. They also need to do a Kakizaki but I'm probably they only person that would buy him.
  3. Cool, hope you get what you want someday but I'm glad this one doesn't have any of those extra steps in the transformation. I like how straightforward he is and the end result looks like Percy's alt mode to me so I'm content. I do wish he had an official tank mode, but it's not a deal breaker for me.
  4. Yeah, a lot of people keep throwing around 'lackluster' and other 'ho hum' type comments at TFW but I guess I don't know what else a Masterpiece Perceptor needs to do that Tesla doesn't do. Considering the source material I don't think Tesla lacks any luster at all. It looks pretty much perfect to me in both modes, has an enjoyable transformation, is built really well and is highly poseable so that's all I need.
  5. My FansToys Tesla (Perceptor) came in today. Highly recommended if you like Percy. Solid in both modes, tons of joints, very high quality overall. The dials on his arms and the feet are diecast metal. Just a nice, clean and no-nonsense rendition of the character. This is my first FansToys toy so I look forward to getting more from them in the future, probably Hound.
  6. ^Nice! Looking forward to that guy, especially since their Makuros was so damn well done. As for Cupola, I'd probably be more excited if I didn't have Code, who remains one of my favorite transforming toys of all time. Add to that the severely limited forward hip movement on Cupola and I think I'll just admire him from afar. It looks like a hell of a fantastic toy though, and I'll be looking forward to Hardhead and whatever else they do.
  7. While I love G1 Ironhide's sled, I honestly have no interest in one that is just some extraneous accessory and doesn't form part of the alt mode. Actually I don't want most of the stuff he comes with. Just gimme Ironhide and a gun at a lower price and I'm good. Not that I want to deny anyone the extra goodies (I'm sure most appreciate them), I just think it would be cool if there was a 'stripped down' option.
  8. Photos like this make me immediately go to the toy room and play with my own. Awesome shots.
  9. I'll take one Ironhide and no Munkky. Cool to see Robokong getting a MP toy though, the critter fans rarely get any toys at all.
  10. A couple of questions: 1. Does the GBP chest armor just very lightly snap on or am I missing something? It stays in place, but if I try to open the missile bays the whole armor section falls off. Likewise if I so much as brush against it too hard while handling the toy it will fall right off. 2. The three 'canisters' on each hip...are they supposed to be removable or did Arcadia just glue some of mine but not others? One comes off if I pull a bit, one falls off if I bump it, the others don't budge.
  11. I don't know what it was, I just said it looked like dried blood. Brownish red smear. I doubt it was overspray since there is no paint that color on the toy, and it wiped off more readily than paint would. Whatever it was, it came off.
  12. It doesn't look anywhere near as yellow at home as it did at work under the long fluorescent tube lights. In the photo it's hardly noticeable at all. But the top cluster is 'yellowed' while the bottom one is bright white. I also had to remove a 1cm sized spot of what appeared to be dried blood on one of the 1J's legs. Fun times.
  13. I'm just lucky that it doesn't bug me much because I got it from AmiAmi so there'd be no possibility of an exchange. I'll just pretend the yellow ones are the dirty bombs.
  14. Got mine today. Does anyone else have yellowed missile clusters on their GBP? On one of the leg units the top cluster is totally yellowed as if it were really old PVC, while the bottom cluster is fine. On another part there is one or two individual missiles that are yellowed while the rest are white. I'm not anal enough for it to really bother me, but I do find it really curious that brand new plastic would already be yellowed. Is it possible they used some leftover parts from the Yamato run? I'll post a photo later.
  15. I have done that, several times. To me there's no difference to between opening a sealed G1 toy that cost $200 and opening a $200 Macross toy that just came out. I don't buy stuff because of rarity or perceived value, I buy it because I want to put my hands all over it.
  16. here are some photos of the pre-assembled 1S I had. Same 'pink' hue. One is even a comparison photo someone requested back then because of the pink hue. This is a shot of the 1J kit as I was building it, under a different light but you can still see a 'pink' hue. And Jenius, that monster in my avatar is not white. It's clearly brown. A rich, dark, chocolaty brown.
  17. Yes, really. I had the VF-1S pre-assembled kit and I have the VF-1J that I assembled. Both are exactly the same as the recent Arcadias. People even made the same "it looks pink" comments when I posted photos of them years ago. Again, they don't look pink in person, but in photos under certain lighting it comes through.
  18. Do mean wish they had NOT used the same shade? Because those have a pinkish hue also...
  19. Or the answer would be lost in the google translation, furthering the confusion: "Oh no! Is pink? I lie, is a pink!" with a follow up tweet of: "(I kid, pink is a color)"
  20. I would open Metroplex for sure, especially since he's sealed. Being sealed means there is a very high quality toy inside just waiting to be enjoyed! I'd put the stickers on too.
  21. I don’t see it as a “discoloration” though – that would be something like yellowing, something that happens by accident or unintentionally. It’s obviously intentional since they’ve been using it regularly across several different releases (as did Yamato), so logically speaking there is probably a very good reason for it (such as a UV stabilizer which helps protect plastic). And it actually is a pure white when seen by the naked eye. I mean, I’m not the only one saying it doesn’t look pink in person so it’s not just my eyes. I just wish Arcadia would address it and let us know what's up. Has anyone ever asked Mr. K on Twitster?
  22. Yes, that's what I was saying - that the kit is 'pinker' than the other Yamato valks, just like the recent Arcadia valks are. The plastic feels exactly the same between all of them. Perhaps around the time of the kits they started adding a UV stabilizer that changes the hue. In any case it's a hue I only notice in some photos and can't see at all in person so it's never bothered me.
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