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  1. kkx

    Bandai DX VF-31

    The correct term for macrossworld is: @Saburo the super enabler !!
  2. I see, so they did jack up the price since the start of the listing. Amazon have good (for them) pricing AI. Now it is listed as 32K, that include JP tax. After they remove that and add on the US tax, it will be about 31K I think. Their shipping price is still very good. I hope someone here will review their copy soon. Mine will not arrive till March at least.
  3. What was amazon.jp's price for the normal version when they first listed it? Did they jack the price up to 32K or was that the original price.
  4. kkx

    Bandai DX VF-31

    Me too, my desire for a 31A is reignited. I think you raised the demand for 31A for quite a bit. In some old HK forum they can this: "spreading the poison".
  5. Thanks @Zx31 for a smooth transaction. Fast shipping and tidy and secure packaging. Item as described. 5 stars seller.
  6. Shot out to @Duymon for a smooth transaction. Items was well packaged and in good condition. Recommended seller.
  7. Ok, Thanks.
  8. I couldn't work out how to ship my item from DeJapan, their FAQ is not very clear. I only have one item. Do you have to execute the combine step (even on one single item) before it is ready for shipping?
  9. This works.
  10. That is what I did the other day and today. But no luck today.
  11. I was able to get the correct page after one or two refresh yesterday, but not today.
  12. At least there is till hope. Thanks for the info.
  13. Merry Christmas everyone. Congrats to those who have some copies of 1D secured. Can't access the p-bandai link (keep getting redirected to their global page), is p-bandai still accepting order?
  14. DId anyone here have a successful order with FJ?
  15. Bummer. I hope you will have a nice holiday weekend. I hope I can secure a 1D tonight, that will make a nice end to this crazy year of 2020.
  16. Good for you, a nice holiday gift for yourself. Still have not heard from DeJapan about my TV super set.
  17. The seller said that this is a eBay return. That was really sad. So someone buy this from him and break it then return it??? I have big concern about selling on eBay. With almost no protection for the seller, it is not worth the risk. As a buyer, they recently have started collecting state sales tax, that make them an less attractive option for me. But Amazon jp also started collecting sales tax.
  18. Wow! Totally exceeded expectation. I was just hoping for the seats gimmick, but having the fan racer too is such a nice surprise.
  19. exactly what I have in mind. The very first episode. I hope they will include (or we can 3-D print, if the head can be move out of the way enough) the open head hatch with pilot seat coming out gimmick.
  20. That is not a bad price. Good to have options. Still have not heard from them.
  21. I hope some shop will be operating to get the proxy order in. Can't wait. I hope this will be a stress free release just like the Kakizaki 1A. Having this side by side with the TV Roy 1S will be super nice.
  22. Nice, I hope I hear from them in a few days. Is FedEx the only shipping options? Are they still doing surface parcel?
  23. Thanks you for the info.
  24. DeJapan still have not receive my tv super pack. Anyone else have heard from them?
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