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  1. You are most likely right about the price. One site is already taking order: https://www.lunapark.store/product-page/metal-structure-sazabi-japan-version Not sure if it is legit.
  2. Any idea when Sazabi metal structure PO will happen? Price prediction? Missed the boat for NU, hopefully I can try to convince myself to get the sazabi if I have the chance.
  3. Thanks, that is very helpful. Just wanted to see how it looks again.
  4. I was trying to re-watch the youtube video where bandai shows the GBP along side its VF-1D announcement, but because the video title is in Japanese, I am not able to find it. Does anyone have a link to that video?
  5. Nice to know that Taobao offer such service. Do they also do packages consolidation? Combining multiple packages from different sellers into one package to ship to us.
  6. @no3Ljm Thanks, I should be more proactive yesterday. Oh, well. Hopefully I still get get one after release. It will not be as abundant as the green zaku, but I hope it will not be too bad.
  7. Anyone manage to PO the ZAKU II HIGH MOBILITY TYPE metal composite? I am trying to get one but failed. Don't know where else to look, will just wait for post release then.
  8. This cost quite a big more than Bandai's full set. Any advantage that make this worthwhile? I can't really tell. I like the marking better. Bandai's is too busy and some of the text have bigger than ideal font size.
  9. My vote is for the regular. With @Lolicon's subtle paneling it looks great. The PF version have line that are too dark/sharp for my taste. The few missing marking (not so many of them it seems) can be remedy quite easily when @Anasazi37 release his decal sheet for this.
  10. I sincerely hope so. Keeping my finger crossed.
  11. Seems like the beige is painted on. I see quite a few paint chipping. This could be a problem.
  12. The proportion is the best and the details on these kits are really nice. But the seams.... give me nightmare. I think Bandai kits (the newer ones) are much better about seams.
  13. I am almost done fixing the seams, some of it will not be 100%, I have to call it a day. I am still undecided about the chest seam. Found a bottle of valejo watere based putty. Might try to fill up the seam if I feel confident enough to not destroy the fine details around that area.
  14. Minmay guard!! I am half way building mine. I am having trouble with some of the seams.
  15. I come to the forum for getting in touch of what is happening in the space of Macross toy collection. I sometimes also need to search for old information that i have missed. It might not be easy to achieve both goals with on single system/setup.
  16. When will Bandai release an Angle bird version so we can display the fan racer properly with six of them.
  17. I don't own any Yeti stand yet. It does looks cool. I hope he will be back in business soon. If you have the right tools to cut them, maybe getting some 1cm acrylic sheet and make a DIY version to tie you over until Yeti come back online.
  18. Nice gerwalk post! I guess we are comrade in crime (supporting KO).
  19. Did yours come with the transparent armor cover? I love mine.
  20. @Saburo I am "immune" to this attack. as I already have both the TV roy and TV super parts. Phew, every time I saw your post, I am worry about my wallet. Mine are still in the box, so thanks for the gorgeous photos. I really enjoy it.
  21. yoybuy.com have much better review on trusted pilot. I have not used any of these agent, but I am thinking about trying out yoybuy.com
  22. kkx

    Bandai DX VF-31

    The correct term for macrossworld is: @Saburo the super enabler !!
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