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  1. I am going to need more time, its kinda hard trying to do it with out a computer, if not al try going to the local e-cafe.
  2. no dice "sigh" the post was a month old, and he finally realized the value of the car. I guess Im still playing the waiting game.
  3. wow thanks for the info. since I am on a budget "at the moment", al go for the fc, matter of fact my brother has one in the garage, with a rebuilt engine, a set of enkies, and he is currently puting in a new clutch. Its a gxl, but heres what caught my attention. He needs it gone because he owes my other brother money, I saw him put a post for $950, I think I can get for $500. It will need some visual work, but that wont be too much (replace fender, and a new paint job).
  4. thanks for the info, I am actually learning something everyday. Your file says you had 94 supra twin turbo , how is it, and how much. Also what do you think would be a great japanese car that I can get my hands on for the same price and the same caliber, excluding hondas, levins, ae86, and the mr2.
  5. Toushai yellow light man, Notice how I said PARTIALLY RIGHT AND PARTIALLY WRONG. Listen I dont want debate or make things more complex, like how things happen on the auto fourms (you can create more enemys then friends). And I dont want to build animosity towards a fellow mac member. It was really fun on how I got to do some Q's AND A's, and people here are more relax and cool. I just want to keep it that way. But your good al give you that.
  6. Your partially right and partially wrong, the sec gen fc GXL had a clutch type lsd, and the GTUS had a viscous lsd.
  7. I am not saying they are inferior but I would rather trust a 240 or a rx-7 fc stock campared to a old school mustang or any american car of that caliber. There is a reason why you dont see "too many" american classics on the D1'S. But like I said before you can make a mustang or a Solstice a great drift mobile. Matter of fact the sears team that runs a sturn sky is one of my favorites becuase it is something (how should I say) unorthodox.
  8. That might make up for the price, I was a little worried there, but keep in mind usually when some one sells there car with used mods depending on what it is, you should get a price break on it, for 2 reasons one it is used, and the other is they are trying to get rid of it, kinda like adding frosting to the cake to a half eaten cake. I dont want to see a mac member get ripped or anything like that.
  9. Well......when it comes to american muscle and drifting, it does not work out, there all power and low stability and handling(I say that with respect, dont want to start anything). with a few exceptions of the modern mustang that is part of Team FALKEN, and the Redbull SOLSTICE or the Doge Viper I rarely see due to its price. To put a american muscle car in drifting will require you to redo everything,AND IT IS NOT CHEAP, kinda like putting a 240sx in a 5sec drag, there all made for different things. I personally like japanese imports like the rx-7 fd, silvias, skylines etc because they remind me of the valks. Like I say to the muscle head who wont leave me alone in class "just because it is fast, does not make it better", control and stability is just as important.
  10. OH god, should I fix my mac F tattoo($200 quote), save up for my car, or screw it to hell and buy all the mac F merchandise I can. NO..............I CHOOSE EVERYTHING (evil laugh)
  12. About 2800 to 4000 should be right there, depending what comes with it. Thats a little too much if anything they should be cheaper back then since they are not in high demand as they are today. Did it have mods, anything special, or was it stock . I plan on purchasing a s13 hatch for under 2grand with possibly a sr20, under 1500 possibly with out, but I do not care for paint, mods, etc(I like to do things myself, one step at a time). as long as its a stick, good trany and has a decent engine until I can swap one from it. Or al spend a little over 2500 and get something with some great engine work and save myself some money since you loose half of what you spend when you sell your car with mods. I always look on forums, people cant BS about what they have or what its worth since you are selling it to the experts. best forum for silvia's, and to buy ones too
  13. true in fact, but many people I know get there hands on sr20 red & black tops that come with a turbo, of course this is all a swap they order, of course it is illegal to have one under your hood, some people take it to the next level and put in a rb25 or 26 (choking on drool) . You can also thank movies and animes that we have come to know as fast and the furious and initial D. for the outrages price for 240's here in the states.
  14. I live in southern california, haciendia heights, 91745. I honestly never driven one, but I have multiple friends that have one, and I have only heard good things, nothing less. Its a great car from every tuners perspective. Its cheap too and so are the brand name performance parts. As for your last question. We in the states only have the simple 240sx with the non turbo engine "SR". The good people in japan have the better version known as the silvia with the better engine and cosmitic looks. There are different versions ex.180sx. They dont allow the lastest silvia known as the s15 (dont quote me on the date) that began production in 1999 to be imported (you can, but its a lot of work) here in the states for many reasons. People in the states do engine swaps and front end conversions, but I dont consider them to be TRUE Silvia's
  15. ebay should allways be a last option. ebay=bad
  16. I was known for doing some pretty reckless stuff (its what I get for having mr. Isamu dyson as my hero) by the canyons and the mountains, but not realy if anything I might got to the track, its better to be safe...so I have learned. Honestly I really dont know, depends on how things go. Just curious, why do you ask.
  17. wow, a MW member who actually owned a 240, I thought I was the only one who was into it. still decideing if I should consider buying a s13 hatch by this summer.
  18. ok, I try not to post on this thread because it would involve too much but I couldnt resist. I love evrything japanese, that includes macross, cars, girls, culture, and food, but do you know what I like alot is the nissan silvia (espicialy the 180sx and the s15) line up and the skylines. here is one of my heros Nob (no one better) Taniguchi and his three red's more info on nobs silvias
  19. That is why I am going to splice a mp3 of three songs from mac f, and have them formated or directly uploaded through your cell phones, lucky I got a new plan with AT&T instead of verizon.
  20. I have been going to F and S for years, and I never thought I would find a macross world member there, I think the 0s is at a decent price, but I think your just better off ordering it off the net same for all the other yamatos.
  21. guys I tried everything, and its too complicated and hard, you might as well download a program and make it yourself. what the hell I just got a new cell phone so al try to make one for you guys . Yup deadghost to save the day.
  22. keanu reeves, my all time favorite actor lol
  23. I was a annoying rug rat when I was a early child and I caught my brother watching DYRL, ever since then I was stuck watching it, my parents would even make me watch it so I can be quite, and so I would stop screwing around. I remember saying to myself "why am I watching this transformer crap, optimus prime out of my toy box and into my trash can'' It was also the first time I watched a naked women (minmay shower scene). Ever since then I was love struck until macross plus came along then macross zero, then macross F. ah good flashback
  24. why cant my kits look like that lol. nice work man
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