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  1. Well unfortunately the response I got from HLJ customer service is that the $325 shipping is correct for DHL or Fedex. Not sure why it's $240 more then it was less than a year ago for a smaller box but I had to request a cancellation for it. Guess it's only gerwalk for me, which is fine.
  2. Has anyone who ordered the new super fighter from HLJ had it shipped yet? I can add it to my cart but they want like 300 for shipping, last time with the gerwalk it was like 80 or 90. I sent them a message but have not heard back, just wondering if anyone else is having an issue.
  3. HLJ charged me for the weapon pack and the super fighter overnight last night, FYI to anyone who has it on order there. I was considering canceling because I am currently sort of broke but will need to sell a few things to cover it i suppose.....
  4. Maybe in my younger days, my pattern making days are over. Anything I do now is either just for myself or paint ups of existing kits across a broad range of sci fi subjects....
  5. I appreciate the enthusiasm, but yes I won't be reviving this in any way. It's a project that was really more for myself and a few people here who wanted one at the time. It's not something that practical at all, even back then.
  6. Hey guys, sorry I don't get here hardly at all anymore. Sadly all of the pics have been lost to the photobucket debacle, a computer that has been gone for years, and the sands of time. I still have the model but it needs a tune up before I would take any pics. I may do a repaint at some point actually but until my youngest kid gets a bit older my time is still very limited. mike
  7. Well I got my shipping notice from HLJ for that one but now NY is asking for an additional $170 for shipping. I already paid them like $80 so it's $250 to ship from them but like $85 from HLJ? I've asked to cancel the order but not sure what their policy is. Anyone have experience with them on that? Feels like a bait and switch IMO.
  8. I know this may be a weird ?, but has anyone in the US gotten a shipping notice at all? I ordered one of these from HLJ and one from NYasan and HLJ won't let me pay for shipping and NY has been in prep to ship for like a week. I paid shipping at NYasan Is there a problem with the box size to US?
  9. I'm in the USA and HLJ took my payment but will not let me move it from PW to cart to pay the shipping and get it shipped. I would love to see if they would be open to ditching as much of the packaging as possible and putting it in a smaller box, as long as all the stuff is there I don't care about the outer box.
  10. The other thing to consider is shipping cost. i doubt it will be very heavy but a big, big box. HLJ shipping I would guess is $100 or more.
  11. I'll be going for a "thru the ringer" look for this one.
  12. Not much to show build wise since the kit is so well engineered, but will get this started for showing the paint up. Prep was done in just a couple of hours. Still some to do but it builds quick.
  13. Back on this a bit, adding more details to the engine bells, also adding some extra veneer nozzles to the inside of the engines. I can add 2 pre paint, then paint, then add the LED for the engine lights, then add the last 2 (painted separately). Otherwise the LED won't fit. Also routed out all the channels for the eye and engine light wires. Not a fun part but necessary. Getting ready to do the final smoothing on the body.
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