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  1. Have been going back and forth with them since November to ship a missle set. The first note said I had to change shipping options. Sent them a response. Took a month between replies. They said they couldn't use that option. I asked them what options I had. Another month. Got my options and selected. Then more waiting. Had just about given up when they said just today they are finally shipping.
  2. DHL came through as usual. Got mine today from hlj. Two days to michigan
  3. DHL showing Monday, but seeing it's only one state away I'm hoping tomorrow. Can't wait.
  4. Got one at Anime Export. Thanks for the link
  5. Got a Max PO through hlj. Using my phone too. Will have to fire up the pooter for this PO. But still planning on having to pay out the nose to NY like the 1A
  6. Hlj just processed my payment for the legioss
  7. DHL surprised me as well today. Great addition to the set.
  8. Phew, totally missed this, but HLJ still had preorders up this morning. So much easier than trying to snag a dx. Got a confirmation email already
  9. Got my shipping notice from HLJ late last night. Should have Friday.
  10. From what I've read here about the fast packs, we don't have to worry about PO madness to order them? Just wondering if I need to set my alarm again
  11. Got cart jacked on one site. Hlj had circle of death and kept timing out. Ended up payjng NY 300 shipped. Was on the fence about this one. I've already got a yamato. Would rather have scored a J when it was first out. Guess I could always sell
  12. Managed to get one from hlj about 330et. Got a couple of email confirmations. Probably get a rejected email I imagine. They showed orders stopped about the same mine went through
  13. Anyone have on of these they'd be willing to part with? I'm looking for the unpainted kit. I believe it is 1/6 or 1/8 scale? thanks!
  14. I might be in but have to wait until early next year. Can we pay 140 for one piece and then buy the next when we have the cash? Or is it all in up front? If I have to come up with it all at once it will take me a year to save (gotta keep it hidden from the wife!)
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