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    From the album: custom VF-4G

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    From the album: custom VF-4G

  3. vf_1s


    From the album: custom VF-4G

  4. vf_1s


    From the album: custom VF-4G

  5. Thank you. I saw that too, and I definetly interested in the painted VF-4 head! Excellent work!
  6. How much will it be if we wanted it to be painted grey (color of the vf-0 ?)
  7. Thank you. Your work has been the inspiration for alot of my other projects too! That is one good looking SDF-1! Awesome work!
  8. Thanks. The carts are from a hasegawa f-14 kit.
  9. Keep up the execellent work! It is artist like you that makes our dreams come true!!!
  10. Thank you for the complement guys! Sorry I don't have the Club-M. I wish I do. I have only seen it once in person (unbuild), it belongs to a friend of mine. The detail of that kit sitll amaze me. That is where I got the insperation for this one
  11. Where can we get the smudge stick ? Do you have any post that teach us how to do "post-shading" with it? Thanks
  12. Thank you. Seeing yours is inspiration for me to do mine. Awesome work as always!!!
  13. Here's a shot of the finished nosecone... What did you use to mask the nose cone? How did you manage to mask around the grey and the black area? Did you use primer for the nose cone? I wanted to do it too, but I am worry about the durability of the paint, especially in the area where the pegs and the fins slide in. Any suggestions? Thanks
  14. They also included a decal to act as the background to the city block! It seems they patched together some of the cityscape art from DYRL -- which means they may have even just copied Kyekye's idea!! Thanks EXO. I have just bought the SDF-1 Kit this christmas, and saw that too. That's funny! I will take it as a compliment
  15. Yes, got the 19P and the 17 super pack as well. It is a bit more grey than I thought it would be, but still light enough to modify to FB2012 scheme. Only complain is that missles keeps poping off, and the hands are a bit small. Easy fix though. Hinges on the wings are tight. The toy is easy to transform and very solid. Very much like the vf-19. don't have a ruler, but estimate it to be same length as the yf-21 For those still looking for one in HK, there are still a few at alpha toys at richmond shopping center at MK.
  16. It has been such a long wait. This toy is awesome! Thanks Yamato!!!
  17. beautiful!!! when will it be ready? save me a pair!!!
  18. I quite like the way they interpret the feet in these resin kits
  19. I just got mine, and even on the 1/2000 SDF-1, they are too big. Especially the planes.
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