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  1. I kinda miss the Web-exclusives thingies, as they are in the end easier to get than regular items...
  2. I'll be much more concerned about delivery delay than radiation... Just think about destroyed roads and highways, and also about the crowded air traffic in the few operational airports !! Priority has to be on survival goods much more than on transporting toys... (nonetheless, they are toys )
  3. Hi, add me in for 3 also, depending of price as soon you're able to give us an estimated price range.
  4. Hi, I just love the world cup ! (ironinc tone...) Just yesterday, as one of my Portugese neighbor in France wen't wild driving like crazy (at least 70 km/h in a 30 km/h residential area) and using his horn, I went to his hours trying to tell his wife to leash her dog. In her unwillingness to respond to the doorbell, I went nuts myself and removed the Portugese end Brazilian Flag the neighbour had set up hanging from his roof and put them in his mailbox. I know that it wasn't really smart to do. As an end result, the neighbour came back after the Portugese defeat, and went totally nuts, insulting me around the whole block and speaking out death threats, insulting me for being a racist and that I will pay for this. Other neighbors had to call the police to make them calm him down and the unleashed dog just stayed up guarding his porch for 3 hours until late at night, speaking (or hopefully being reasoned) with another neighbour. ...Morality: I just love sportive bahavior of people. Finally, I recall two sentences about soccer: The first one from a cab Driver in Marseille: "Concerning soccer, we'd have to buy 21 balls in order for the players not to have all to run behind the same ball." The second one: "Soccer is the only sport for which poor people pay to watch billionnaires run!" I can't help myself from thinking that both phrases somehow contain awfully true images. As an end result, I'm considering on hanging a flag myself to my roof ; I'm not sure anyone will really catch the humor of hanging a EU-Flag ! (Sorry about the non EU contries , but I do not know about a world Flag ; well actually, isn't there a U.N Flag ?)
  5. Hi, still having the blue one I got in 2007. I'll be expecting pre-roders as I should add another one in black XL.
  6. I might not be as delicate ... just prepare yourself for a lot a action, and some interesting story hints. As for the first movie, stay until the end of the credits to see some extra scene. Story arc could have been further developped, but movie is still very enjoyable. I'll now be waiting for Iron Man 3
  7. Hi, you got you're fifth! I just received my Tornado Pack today and am in the process of sending AmiAmi an e-mail myself. Let's be positive : We have a special collector's edition of SWS Tornado's
  8. It's very sad for the Theatre industry. There is no more creativity in what the majors bring to us !! At least, 5 years agor remakes where done on a generational basis (with at least a 20 year gap between them). Now be just reboot franchises on a 10year basis ??? I just says it sucks ! When do we have to expect the reboot of the Ironman franchise or the X-Men franchise?
  9. Hi, why not contact bandai (eventually through HLJ) to order some spare parts of the model kit. You cannot order single parts, but you can order the plastic piece they are on. Just check your kit's manual for the needed plastic pieces...
  10. Hi, I'm looking for Bandai HGIF Series 2 Sheryl in her 2nd variation with the black shirt and red skirt. I have some leftovers of series 1, boxed, and 2 I could trade, or I can also buy the figure. Thanks
  11. I'm not sure. I happen to be a big fan of SAL shipments and got my GPB accordingly.
  12. .... And I'm just about finishing painting my 1/100 Astray .... which I got since I found my 1/144 too small. I'll get new work with this PG
  13. No, the Roy cockpit was a normal figure. However, Series 2 included a chase Hikaru cockpit. Basically, Series 3 included a standard recolored version of series's 2 chase figure.
  14. Has anyone considered that they are just being jalous about the Bandai threads getting so much posts on the board? Maybe the're just ignoring Graham because he didn't ban all users referring to Bandai about Macross toys, instead of Yamato ....
  15. Hi, I misplaced my Fold booster manual and cannot find which battery type I need to put inside for having the fold effects. Could anyone check up for me on their manuals please? Thanks.
  16. I'll still have a few ones in stock from all 3 series. PM with the one you would like for me to give you a quote including shipping (I'm in Europe)
  17. I order stuff from HLJ on a regular basis and deliver it to France. I must conclude to the same statement as Salamander. SAL is cheaper and usually happens in the end to be faster than EMS: SAL -> 10-20 days from HLJ storage to my shelf EMS -> 2 days from HLJ to CDG Airport Paris and then 3 weeks until it cleared customs (real story!) + right to pay tax, then 2 days from CDG Airport to my shelf. Concerning the policy on wich HLJ sometimes say they will only ship by EMS ... I never really have understood it since it seems to apply randomly (I would advise on clicking regularly on "ship by sal" in your profile .... My two YF-21 got shipped by SAL, whereas my 2 Supersylph where sent by EMS )
  18. Finished replying to all pm's.
  19. Hi, I actually did get a few PM's , but couldn't manage to reply as I was on holiday. I'll check my inventory and will send proper replies tomorrow, after a good night's sleep. Sorry for the delay...
  20. I've got quite a few lying around. From what I recall Kicker also had some for sale a short while ago. I'd be willing to let a few go, but unfortunately the Eur / Dollar exchange rate is not at best for th time being. If interested, we should pursue on PM.
  21. Considering H. Ford's age, I would rather see him as Captain Global ....
  22. And have you noticed the references to VF-19 in episodes 1 and 2? On some front shots from the school, the mech between both runways is not a VF-1 but a VF-19 judging by the shape of the wings. (Ep1 2:41 ; Ep. 2 11:14)
  23. ... I can't wait until it gets released this summer. Certainly, the price will ba a pain in the a** but we still have some time to save the money until it's release. In a way, it's still almost a 1000 Yen per centimeter ! ... I would have appreciated if it was a little bigger (1/48?)
  24. Yeah .. how about Yamato providing us with a "golden sticker sheet" since they gotten used on reducing the tampoo printing lately....
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