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  1. I just realized where those arm missiles are stored when in fighter mode. Does that mean a super vf-1 could fire those missiles backwards?
  2. Thats true. But he had them earlier in that battle. I would have kept one
  3. I was browsing through my macross design works and there are so many fighters that haven't been made into models. I'll assume that calibre only has the license for the original series. Given that the F203 dragon and the karyovin don't transform, calibre is probably the best chance of those coming to market. I bet if they make a limited run of 300 they will sell out since it would be their first appearance as models. I sent them an email suggesting it. Maybe if others do it as well it will show an interest to them. At worst things continue on as they always have.
  4. What you call overkill, I call assured victory. Lol. Did you see how tiny those bullet holes were!? If it were me I would have fired a reaction missile just to be sure I got that bastard!
  5. I'm a fan of aircraft, even if they don't transform. The F203 Dragon 2 and Mim-31 Karyovin would be sweet to have.
  6. A DX VC-33 Mom's Kitchen. You all know you want one!
  7. I know I'm crazy but could some of you Macross experts help me figure out what the cannon correct angles of the landing gear doors are when they are open and whether the air break behind the cockpit is open or closed when the vf1 is parked? I assume the flaps are not down if the wings are swept back.
  8. Come on Calibre!! The F203 Dragon 2 is just begging to be made!!!
  9. Well, I finally got my Kaki. My only DX model and wow its big! The only other thing I have are some hi-metals. I received my super parts a month before and my missile set is in a warehouse in Japan. The detail is amazing, I know I'm getting old because my eyes can't focus on the tiny lettering. Thats it for me since I don't do repeats or repaints within a line. Unless bandai releases the elintseeker or any of the trainers, my collection is complete.
  10. LRS

    Hi-Metal R

    Couldn't you use model glue to rejoin it? If it works for models, I don't see why it wouldn't work for this plastic by fusing the two parts.
  11. What's a good price for those books? Must own tham ALL. Do the books include mostly new art or does it rehash old art
  12. OK seriously, tell me there is a coffee book available full of just his artwork and nothing else. Because if there isn't then that's just a travesty
  13. Wtf!? Back in stock!? When?? How did I miss it!?
  14. Any idea what this kit would cost?
  15. My vf1D from mandarake arrived today via DHL. 2 down 2 to go.
  16. Got a notice from mandarake that they will be upgrading my second package to DHL from SAL for free and will ship it today
  17. LRS

    Hi-Metal R

    Wil do! Its funny, I was just going to tear open and toss the box but you crazy collector people have infected me and now I'm cutting the tape with an exacto knife so I won't damage the box.
  18. Received my VF4G. Such stress for such a tiny box. There isn't any damage at all so I wonder why mandarake listed it as being damaged. I mean I guess there is a tiny bent corner 2 mm long. Nothing I would think of any more than shelf wear. So no complaints! One down, three to go!
  19. LRS

    Hi-Metal R

    Huh, I had no idea there was a mandarake thread. Kinda makes sense to post it here since it is HMR related and its one less thread to check but whatever. It works either way. My vf-4G finally arrived!! Mandarake says the box was damaged. Don't know what they are talking about. The box is in mint condition.
  20. Update, still haven't received my vf-4 from DHL. It been held twice in the States. ETA:unknown. Well that's reassuring
  21. LRS

    Hi-Metal R

    I found one on mandrake for 60 and snagged it after watching jenius's review. It was the Rifleman. Yes I know. Wrong universe but I'm tired and I can't fact check at the moment. Its stuck in shipping limbo though.
  22. It shipped on Apr. 28th. Mandarake upgraded me to DHL for free to US.
  23. My mandarake vf-4G will arrive tomorrow!!
  24. I just got the same email! All hail mandarake!! Hopefully my other shipments from them get the same treatment. They must have such a backlog that they just want to get rid of them.
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