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  1. I just received my other DX VF-1S on NY and also my Dairugger SOC which I waited for more than a month. LOL. Nice pics everyone, keep them coming so that I will have display and pose ideas
  2. Man, they look so good together....
  3. Package has arrived from HLJ, waiting for NY - can't wait for the Strike packs
  4. NY timeline for me. VF1-S - got preparation email 4days ago order 700xxx GX-88 Dairugger - got preparation email just yesterday and he got released in JP more than a month ago.
  5. Yehey HLJ just sent a shipping notice!! Can't wait for the strike parts as well.
  6. Nice time I order from NY - paypal it is even though conversion in paypal doesn't favor me. Thanks for the info as well guys!
  7. I ordered my GX-88 Dairugger from them, same PO night as DX Macross VF-1S. GX-88 was released a month ago in Japan and haven't received any preparation in progress, however, I did receive a preparation in progress for my DX Macross VF-1S, 25K mark up price, very ironic. I'm still mad at them that GX-88 still has no movement, and they keep on saying, they are waiting for more stock.
  8. Looks like HLJ site is back now, I just shipped it, woooh, I can't wait!
  9. I have paid for my order, but looks like the website is having issues that you can't see it on your warehouse. They are trying to rectify it within the next 24/48 hours
  10. I thought I was the only who has issues with HLJ warehouse lol..
  11. Same here, NY just sent a preparation of order email, wow! and the price for it was 25K yen, hmmm, but still no news on GX-88 Diarugger which was released last month in JP. lol
  12. Looks like I will get my VF-1S from HLJ much more earlier than the GX-88 Dairugger from NY - still no notification on them about when my item will get shipped. I ordered a 2nd one from NY - but I'm not expecting that to arrive anytime soon, lol
  13. Its good that we are seeing Max available even with a bit of a mark up but I think Hikaru's VF-1S is a different beast, hopefully this is not the case but I doubt it. I got a PO from HLJ and also bought one from NY with 25,000 yen mark up when the PO opened.
  14. Hi guys, PM me if you are keen on a VF-1A Max got a PO ordered, just letting go on how much I got it + shipping to me, sorry I can't change the address now of the order now. Due to family situations.
  15. No worries! I would fire them and email as well just to be sure but atleast my report indicates should be the 1st release from A-E
  16. hahaha! Just noticed my one as well April 2020 from Anime Export - damn for 2x... Order my one on June 7, LOL Just emailed A-E and below is the response: Hello, you will receive it on first release. Meaning December release I assume? *phew* REsponse from AE Hello, yes, that is correct!
  17. hey guys, with me being insane, I just PO that metal structure - I'm passing on my VF-1A Max PO will change the shipping if anyone is keen - selling how much I got it $220 USD (340 NZD) shipped to you. PM me if you are keen (accept paypal) hey guys, with me being insane, I just PO that metal structure - I'm passing on my VF-1A Max PO will change the shipping address - selling how much I got it $220 USD (340 NZD) shipped to you. PM me if you are keen (accept paypal)
  18. Sooo clean bro! great shot!
  19. I do believe they would be selling this item
  20. check HLJ, CDjapan, Nippon Yassan, A-E, AmiAmi, Hobby search from time to time today. Yes, fin funnel not included
  21. and here I thought DX Macross + option parts are expensive...... https://tamashii.jp/special/kaitai_shou_ki/?fbclid=IwAR01dkHjmnwQ-e9fIiMEuTTfB52Hocl6elaAzB0Nezp-Dl4rk-tDz4E3cJ4 *fin funnels not included* 93K yen Sorry for the O.T.
  22. Congrats F360 bud and Ignacio! That is dedication right there! hehehe!
  23. Wow April, that would be a long wait..glad already locked on my order for it..good side is its better than nothing
  24. Up again at mykombini but 28K yen https://mykombini.com/en/november-2019/14762-dx-chogokin-movie-vf-1s-valkyrie-hikaru-ichijyou-custom-macross-do-you-remember-love-bandai-spirits-4573102558008.html
  25. Never heard about them - looks dodgy IMO but order at your own risk though....
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