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  1. Did they cancel because you are not part of the priority list or you haven't purchased from them before? I don't agree w/ the practice - but had no choice to get my hands on it: OK - so Metal Structure secured from them- 155,000 yen + 81,000 yen (additional fee) + 12,000 yen shipping = 248,000 yen (approx 1,900 USD) - will let you guys know how I go...
  2. Hi guys! Anyone getting the same response from Hobbygenki? - I was asking about an update on Sentinel R-Gun and Metal Build Guren Stein No rush - however they could've sent an email or on there social media notifying everyone that there is a delayed on shipments due to moving warehouse Message: Dear customer From end of october to november 11th, we are moving our warehouse During this time, we apologize for the delay in shipment and customer service. We will be able to answer your inquiry from 11th November We apologize for the inconvinience and thank you in advance for your understanding Best regards
  3. oh man! I do have a WZC - and I'm quite happy with it. Looks like the buster rifle on this is more darker and the paint is matte - I'll skip this even though WZC is my fav suit I don't need to two. I'm more excited on the upcoming Deathscythe! I can't wait for that one!
  4. This is true! I bought my Trans AM raiser for 45K but I'm seeing them drop to 35K - so yeah I suggest wait for more releases eventually it will come. The same also happened with the Blue version 2019 Tamashii exclusive.
  5. my 2nd order confirmed - (just in case LP cuts me) Pretty much my mentality is if I get one - good, if I don't for near SRP - all good I wonder how am I going to ship this from my homeland. 120K php = 2,100 USD I can definitely see this thing going for 4K-5K USD (which is happening now) I'm keen on a Strike Noir MB! One of my favs! But if I can't have one - all good
  6. Looks like some stores can't confirm allocations yet thus they are unable to open POs, I have contacted some of my go to guys, even local and said can't confirm due to it very limited, or don't have allocation. Btw - LunaPark just got back to me about my order and said, since a I'm priority customer it will be secured and head of office will touch base with me to pay for the difference of the price they initially have put up, I'm thinking that is secured? We'll see.
  7. So pretty much - if you have been loyal with them, purchase items during the past year - you're a priority and secured. I guess that explains why they didn't cancel my order and looks like I just have to pay the difference of the SRP that Bandai has officially announced. They shouldn't not opened up orders while no confirmation from Bandai. I'll keep you guys posted!
  8. ah was it from LP? I did message and told me that it is secured from my side. He did mention though that the reason Bandai increased it - is because of the inflation and yen being down 30% - There is a possibility that I have to pay some differences. Bandai has not officially released a price/date - but they might know someone in the inside or a wholesaler that offered that price to them. So not cancelled for me but most likely would need to pay a difference. I'll keep you guys posted.
  9. I gambled w/ Lunapark w/ Sazabi last year (all paid incl shipping) for this price and I think it paid off So far they have been good and have delivered w/ no issues.
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