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  1. Providence looks like a monster - auto PO for sure. I guess if the polka shield is final - we just have to deal with it (I hate it) I have never hated something on the MB line before this was the first for me.
  2. I hope we just get the regular shield and not the 101 dalmatians style (I respect that its unique), just my opinion. I noticed that the shield wasn't included on the promo pics so we just have to wait and see what the actual shield will look like release date.
  3. Damn, looking forward to this - we might see an actual prototype in a few days time! I can't wait! Hopefully we get a release date for Metal Structure Sazabi
  4. Interesting read..thanks for the link..so we will be getting the final colors version for sure. I might still get it but would probably wait for the final colors version, I'm sure thats coming someday - easy $$$ for them
  5. I'm waiting for Luna and HLJ to ship since DHL does not ship on the weekends over there. DHL for the combo wasn't too bad - 7K yen I thought it would've been more expensive. Nice pictures guys! I can't wait to have my one in hand!
  6. wow! Jealous! very nice guys!! Enjoy!! yeah Luna has only a label not sure what is happening there. But no worries - I got Pose+ GGG coming soon
  7. Wow! I got to say @LUNA PARK stepping up there game after I messaged them about a concern from a member here in our group - and here they are replying to messages! Kudos to you guys and thank you for shipping my GBP-Armor via DHL! I can't wait for that and also to Admin @Shawn thank you for stepping in! I hope both parties can resolve the issue!
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