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  1. Wow! OK - I just received my Wing from Luna - it is simply amazing. Very colorful but it works. Matte Finish so be careful with rubbing off to other parts. Comes with 2x extra stands for support. Overall well executed - if you have a snowhite or Wing Zero Custom - you should know and expect what to get. But this version looks amazing as well. Well done Bandai.
  2. Looks nice, but I'll just wait for it to be much cheaper - as the RX-78 Yokohama is flooded everywhere. I'm happy with my metal structure and upcoming MB hi NU. Happy for those who are excited for this
  3. I think its the whole Gunpla issue that Bandai announced. Looks like the JP market are not getting the Gunpla that they want as they are being bought by scalpers overseas. JP people lining up just to get Gunplas. As Bandai's priority are its JP customers, they have advised retailers to prioritize its local market. I read it on a FB page on Mecha Alliance I think (can't remember) so maybe AmiAmi is one of those stores - I can be wrong for MBs
  4. 28K and amazon JP shipping is cheap! wow! Unfortunately, Amazon JP has closed its doors here in NZ boooo with our new tax law (2 years ago) I love shopping at amazon JP
  5. I ordered a 2nd metal Robot Wing Zero, DX 2x VF-1 Armored Valk, MB Soul Red Destiny, from Lunapark no issues at all (my experience). Used my points to order Hi NU Gundam (used 3k yen points) from them crossfingers they deliver
  6. The Metal Structure is an amazing piece! Whenever I get visitors and dont know anything about Gundam - everyone noticed it cause of the detail, the maintenance crew, setup etc and obviously its size.
  7. They look really good together. Also the Fatum is huge!!!!! joints are very tight and paint apps are really good, different shades of red (or maroon, dark red etc) Highly recommended!
  8. Providence looks like a monster - auto PO for sure. I guess if the polka shield is final - we just have to deal with it (I hate it) I have never hated something on the MB line before this was the first for me.
  9. I hope we just get the regular shield and not the 101 dalmatians style (I respect that its unique), just my opinion. I noticed that the shield wasn't included on the promo pics so we just have to wait and see what the actual shield will look like release date.
  10. Damn, looking forward to this - we might see an actual prototype in a few days time! I can't wait! Hopefully we get a release date for Metal Structure Sazabi
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