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  1. Maybe they will show it tomorrow - looks like there is a tamashii nations exhibition tomorrow
  2. Oh looks like I would be getting one locally and he got allocated with just 1x stock. SRP price as well. Websites wouls be crashing its this and also DX VV Goodluck everyone tonight!
  3. I know right - DX SOC Voltes and this, ahhhhhhhhh... 6 more hours Last year - it was VF-1S Hikaru and SoC Vehicle Voltron/Diarugger same PO night, lol
  4. more details tomorrow - but I personally believe that it will be Monday 4 pm JP time
  5. Just wokeup and have been waiting for this news! ahhh, good luck everyone! I do agree, I do believe PO would this upcoming Monday. Goodluck everyone!
  6. I just noticed Nin went from 231 to 245 and now 261. hmm NY Sold out
  7. https://mykombini.com/en/august-2020/17971-metal-build-gundam-seed-destiny-freedom-gundam-concept-2-bandai-spirits-4573102580580.html - 29K 50% pay upfront
  8. Got one for A-E! but yeah sold out in seconds. The exchange rate hurts man....due to economic drought....but got one, so happy with that
  9. I thought about taking that pic months ago after VF1s Hikaru was annoucned hehe!
  10. "I love you so..."
  11. Yes!!!! My last haul for 2019 - I can't wait to put this on!
  12. Holy Sh@%$ nearly 15K for strike packs - take 10% off tax free if they offer tax free ahh good times, I remember I bought my Golion Chogokin 2 days before the release date for 36K yen and the retail was 32K yen I was hesitant at first but pulled the trigger, mission accomplished on finding one as 3 days we leave Japan and that thing cost 45K yen upwards now + shipping. Waiting for the Strike packs to come - AE has shipped them
  13. Nice! Yeah I just emailed them yesterday as they have advised that the 24th is the release date - 25th yesterday here in NZ and Japan, then after my inquiry they sent me an email that items are ready to ship. Looks like no one from NY is getting a December release no matter how really you ordered..that sucks..
  14. I just emailed AE and asked on when the strike packs will get shipped, then I received an email saying request shipment of items, just waiting to pay for them and get it shipped. yey! *Edit* just paid for shipping Merry Christmas everyone!!
  15. AE mentioned that the release date for them is on the 24th of Dec as I asked that some peeps have the strick packs in hand. Hello, no, that information is wrong, it will be released on 24th. I know that my mine also says April but they did confirm that my mine is coming this December (will have to confirm with them again -EDIT - looks like even though my mine says April, I would get the December release Hi Aiko, My order is for the 24 of December release right? Thanks, TJ Aiko Matsumoto 3:28 PM (0 minutes ago) to m Hello, that is correct.
  16. Anyone got a shipment notice from AE? Still waiting for my mine, oh man, I can't wait!!!
  17. So I just wokeup and strike packs have already been released? Nice! I'm waiting for AE to ship my Strike Packs
  18. EDIT SOLD Hi guys, I got a 3rd DX VF-1S coming, but just needed 2x. Letting go for how much I got it from Nippon - $420 NZD (approx 264 USD according to google) PM me and I'm sure we can work something out and can let go for a bit lesser on what I have paid Payment would be via paypal and item will be shipped from NZ. I think shipping is around 52 usd to the states. Many thanks!
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