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  1. Some new pics from the Tamashii HQ http://www.gokin.it/2019/06/09/mostre-e-eventi-tamashii-nations-tokyo-dx-chogokin-vf-1s-hikaru-ichijo-super-dimensional-fortress-macross-1-48-scale/
  2. Thanks bud! Looks like selling out now slowly - Mykombini opened but never saw the late - that 50% only deposit would've been nice. Ordered immediately at A-E after seeing the P-Bandai site sold out. Have you secured yours, if yes, from a proxy? My proxy was too slow to order them from the P-Bandai site
  3. A-E strike/super packs is saying SOLD out as well - looks like they have fulfilled all orders, cancelled my proxy orders and ordered my 2x from them.
  4. ah they will for sure, just a matter of time - when I get my hands on Fokker - thats it for me on this line
  5. I little preview of the VF-1S w/ Strike packs, my goodness, it looks amazing! (sorry only FB link) https://www.facebook.com/SilentCiel/videos/862598824097349/UzpfSTYzODc3OTI5NDpWSzoyMjQzOTA5MjI1ODYxMDYw/
  6. No sorry, I just saw a recent post here for the VF-1S and another from GX-88 boards that POs have opened again for that - looks like the exact time, so I was thinking additional units.
  7. Looks like additional stock - saw a message for GX-88 Dairugger that they also opened some orders for that as well. I guess my order from HLJ is safe...*phew*
  8. Proxy said they haven't bought the item and will only be able to buy during busines hours - LOL, told them too late haha and advised to cancel my order. Went with AE and bought there instead
  9. Hi guys, just noticed on the Pbandai site for the strike/super packs are saying 0 stock, meaning thats it, no more? I thought TWE are made to order? Just emailes my proxy if they were able to get my order for 2x.
  10. Oh so proxy just asked for payment - paid and get it done with for 2x
  11. Thanks guys! Main concern for me getting a message saying we cannot fulfill as we have enough orders hehehe! I was able to order the missiles from proxy so should be all good! 2x only for me I can't afford anything more than that..lol
  12. Thanks bud! Quick question, I know that POs are live tomorrow, already ask proxy if they can order, would they be able to order it for me when it goes live? Or do I have to send them a link when the item goes live?
  13. https://p-bandai.jp/item/item-1000135484/ Link up - looks like swappable Marks - green, black, red, blue (Correct me if I'mr wrong) Strike/Super pack
  14. Very informative information, thanks!
  15. Damn, nearly 400 USD / 42000 yen and this guys are the official distributor in my home country. Most expensive one I have seen of all the POs so far.
  16. yes, and more info if you can swap the insignia marks as there are conflicting reports that it is exclusive only to Hikaru's VF-1S but can still use it on the other VF-1s. My money is like the missile set - that we will have insignias that are swap-able.
  17. Thanks bud. Loopaza has PO opened however 299 USD + shipping, ouch. https://www.loopaza.com/dx-chogokin-macross-do-you-remember-love-movie-ver-vf-1s-valkyrie-ichijyo-hikaru.html
  18. Mine just arrived yesterday, haven't played with the other missiles but it does complete the look.
  19. That sucks man! So even without the cancellation email, we are still out of the woods huh? Very sorry to hear this...atleast I got a backup. Damn saw a local distributor for Bandai opened up PO for 400 usd.
  20. Damn..saw some local distributor opened up PO..400 USD..wow..
  21. So no email cancellation from HLJ after 24 hours. I guess safe to say my order is intact. Got another order from NY at 25k yen paid just to be 100% sure. First time to be successful at HLJ ever since the website change. Mykombini hasn't opened up there PO but I know they got VF-1A Max listed but not for sale
  22. Pictures surrounded the web with people buying multiple units when actual release date for it - I saw a picture with multiple units in a single van. I do believe the mecha designer saw this and was quite upset and he brought it up to Bandai as he felt sorry for the fans who actually and genuinely want one. (kindly correct me if I'm wrong with this only saw it on a FB mecha group) The reissue PO didn't last long as well.
  23. Yes, sometimes Hobby search with its email notification but you have to be quick - from my experience with Ami Ami - they did release a couple more VF-1Js before the initial release - PO price but with tax so not too bad. HLJ, never saw it opened. We just have to wait and see for the next upcoming release which is Max on what would be the trend.
  24. Hey bud, thanks for the reply I appreciate it! Congrats on getting one as well. Cross fingers that our orders don't get cancelled.
  25. Hi guys, quick question - Got one from HLJ - how soon do they send an email to say "sorry your order" has been cancelled?
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