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  1. Sorry to bring the bad news - it means its sold out and you won't be able to check out.
  2. NY - 25K (marked up) already sold out.
  3. 35,000 for Dairugger is not too bad although there shipping is insane! Bought another VF-1S from them and the Dairugger in case HLJ cancels my order.
  4. I'm now trying to get Dairugger - hahaha! back in the queue I go. LOL
  5. Got one from HLJ - hopefully they wont cancel my order.....
  6. OK got my email confirmation from HLJ - I hope my order is secured...*Cross fingers* now to find a dairugger
  7. Success at HLJ - but don't know whether my order will get cancelled....
  8. Yes, for the DX VF-1A - was able to secure one from AJ
  9. Hey bud..thanks for helping us out on the POs..just curious that JAN is that the keyword you put on the search for new POs? TIA
  10. I'm not from the USA, so wouldn't know but it would be 4 pm JP tomorrow
  11. I think the Roy F would be a Tamashii web exclusive just like the HiRM - just my feeling/opinion Damn, VF-1s looks very sexy! https://www.taghobby.com/archives/373920
  12. Damn..i saw NY had the missiles for nearly double the price. I suspect the strike packs will double the price as well
  13. It will be madness again on june 3 as dairugger xv soc is also up for pre order..waaah!
  14. Hi guys, Selling my DX Chogokin VF-1J for 480 NZD approx 313 USD approx 34,200 yen (google converted currency and not 100% accurate) Item is brand new/sealed and will be coming from NZD. Shipping to be approx $80 nzd to 52 USD due to the box being big - total of 380 (incl Good) and shipping. Payment via Paypal Any questions, feel free to ask. Thanks!
  15. Wow!!! That is sooo beautiful!!!! Must buy!!!!!
  16. Its gorgeous!
  17. AusAni 459 AUD - damn from VF-1J 294 AUD https://www.ausani.com.au/product/super-dimension-fortress-macross-dx-chogokin-vf-1a-valkyrie-maximilian-jenius-custom/
  18. We are still in the Mad Max PO and already feeling the pressure of getting Roy in the future..lol Wow those new pics look nice!!
  19. Go go go guys!! Good price! And its gone..just like that..
  20. I wish you all the best! I hope that you are able to secure one of your fav characters! I just got very lucky but not until 3 hours when POs opened up.
  21. NY - 27K yen - no pay later option https://www.nippon-yasan.com/27881-super-dimension-fortress-macross-dx-chogokin-vf-1a-valkyrie-maximilian-jenius-custom.html
  22. Thank you as well shizuka and f360! Quick question guys, is AJ known at cancelling orders like HLj? Or we all good after receving the order email confirmation?
  23. oh quick question guys, is amazon known for cancelling orders like HLJ once you have received email confirmation from them?
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