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  1. Your local time, my time would be 7 pm and says on the website 7 pm which is equivalent to 4 pm JPT
  2. In terms of ordering stuff from them? Very safe! One of the best in the biz! Mind you there was a pre order madness for Aile Strike Metal Build and a few orders got cancelled, some sort of a problem on their website. (lucky my order was safe)
  3. We will find out in 3 hours time
  4. wow 16K yen!!! Very very nice price indeed!!!!!!
  5. Yes, that extra room is for the special stand that will come with the figure on the initial PO release
  6. Tomorrow, 4 pm JPT
  7. Damn this VF-1J is only simply - but a classic and it is so clean!!!! See you guys tomorrow night on the PO madness! It would be 7 pm here NZ time!
  8. Hi guys, where abouts is the die cast content for this guy? Sorry new to this DX game
  9. That is correct, except for Anime Export where you need to pay upfront and will charge you later for shipping
  10. I don't have any macross/valkyrie collection, so this would be a great start also scale wise for me
  11. Very nice!!!!! Will it come with two stands?? 19K yen is not too bad + retail discount, should be looking at 17 to 18K yen, wow! Can't wait!!!!!!
  12. My favorite Valkyrie! Day one purchase! Soo excited!!!!
  13. hahahahahaha! thanks for the warm wallet exploding welcome!! Yes! Next one that I'm looking forward is the VF-1J 1/48
  14. Thank you! I only got the PO secured yesterday from mykombini! Thanks F360! Also recommended that if you want your first DX figure - go with this one. During the PO night I was focus on the MB Aile but seeing this I was like man, that looks cool, only knew Macross plus from playing SRW! Sites going down, sluggish - man, you got 3x monters for PO that night! This, MB Strike and God Sigma (god sigma, not so bad to grab) I managed to grabbed MB Aile from HLJ, no cancellation email so I guess my order is safe? Thanks for the warm welcome! Looking forward on owning more Macross figures! I'm keeping an eye on the DX chogokin VF-1J since I grew up watching that series. I guess its just a matter of time when they formally announce it as part of the Valk project.
  15. Hi guys! New to the board! Came from RJ Boards! Always admired Macross figures and been a big fan of the series but never had an actual Macross toy (I only had a very small plastic one when I was a kid) Seen my uncle's collection of jets and always admired jet fighters ever since! I'm looking forward to this release and looks like this would be my first DX Macross chogokin figure! I mainly collect MBs and SoCs
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