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  1. Hello fellow macrossworlders! Restructuring my collection a little and selling off a few of my gems to help pay some bills. Up for sale is a Yamato V2 1/60 elintseeker. It has never been transformed, box is c10, sticker sheet is sealed as shown, only removed from the box to inspect. Also shown is the one issue that this model has: the factory rainbow tint on the canopy has a hairlinle crack in the second half where the rear pilot sits. Unfortunately I've had many issues with Yamato's rainbow tint personally and many of my valks have imperfections with cracks or spots in this area. Its honestly not terribly noticeable from afar and only really seen from a "top down view". Please see pics for details. I originally purchased this for >$400 with proxy fees to find it...but given its rarity I would like to sell it for $SOLD! Also up for sale is a Yamato VF22 1/60 max. it has only been removed from its tray and lived the remainder of its life in its box. Box is C10, sticker sheet sealed. Pic attached shows the valk. I am asking $SOLD! On the striaght shooters list and in Los Angeles for pick ups! Thanks for looking!
  2. Can we take this as an "unofficial" confirmation of a revised YF19 in the near future Graham?
  3. Is this a v2 1/60? I may have a spare i can sell. Pm me if interested
  4. Bump...add my 1st issue 1/60 yf19 to the list with exploding arms. Bring on an improved v3 release of the YF19 yamato!!!
  5. wow, already got it? That's great. Hope you enjoy it, rest assured it won't be the last
  6. No cracks or issues. I believe these were not part of the batches that had shoulder issues known to occur with earlier v2 releases. Bump and price lowered to 85 shipped!
  7. Hi Guys, up for sale is Yamato V2 VF1A MAX TV ver SOLD! It has never been displayed and only transformed once and then put back in the box where it has remained since. I am the original owner. As seen in the pics, it still has the factory sealed and unused sticker sheet/instruction manual Box is in excellent shape with sharp edges. I am on the straight shooters list and pick up is available if local to Los Angeles. Otherwise, I prefer paypal personal gift payment. Please PM if interested. Thanks for looking! Regards.
  8. missed the last few sale threads on these, if any of you can point me in the right direction, thanks! Must be MISB. thanks in advance!
  9. Got around to reposing my original release VF0A and right arm explodes at both elbow and shoulder...thnx yamato...anyone have spare VF0 gray arms?
  10. Anyone ever clear coat their bandai valk in hopes of minimizing paint flaking?
  11. finally a break from work and can perouse the forums...anyone have a lead or info on where to pre-order/order the tamashii super parts for the yf29? thanks in advance!
  12. any one have leads on where to purchase the yf-29 currently? I have looked and since only ebay prices north of $400usd. I have not yet heard of any re-release (with or without the upcoming super pack), but any news/help is appreciated!
  13. if still available, please let me know. Thanks!
  14. agreed! I am trying hard to save enough to splurge on the sdf-1, but have also been recently bitten by the hot toys 1/6'th bug...
  15. still looking...no luck on ebay...
  16. Want to buy box only of the yamato 1/48 Max VF-1J with super parts. Thanks to anyone that can help and needs to clear some space! I'm in Los Angeles and can pick up locally or will pay for shipping if necessary. thanks!
  17. Hey silverdragon... sent you 3 PMs, hope to hear back from you soon. thanks!
  18. maybe its just me, but I hate this stand that the Megahouse comes with, I can't get him to stand straight at all
  19. Do the Megahouse RideArmors come with sticker sheets? I recieved both Stick and Ley from Lost and Found Toys without any sticker sheets.
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