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  1. I don’t have the valk with me right now, but it seems to be a little black smudge on the red color part of the chest plate.
  2. Hi guys, slightly off topic but I realize some small black paint smudge on pre-painted surface of my VF-1S. It’s not really noticeable if you look at it afar but me being picky over an expensive purchase was wondering whether there's any way to safely remove the small paint smudge without having to damage the bottom paint. And no, this is not the “100” numbering issue I’m referring to here :p Any tips would be great! Thanks in advance!
  3. Returning from the Customs and picked up my unit from HLJ after paying some import tax. Managed to bulldoze my order in on release date. Considered myself lucky. Hope everyone's getting their shipment sent out soon!
  4. Just updating my recent PO with NY for the DX VF1S. So I pulled the trigger and PO’ed the VF-1S for 27K Yen on NY. It was shown on my Order History as “Payment Processing”. No confirmation email was sent. The very next day I received an email from NY stating there was a payment failure, which is to my surprise because I’m using the same credit card for previous purchase on NY with no issue. I called my credit card centre and was made known that “the payment went through but was subsequently refunded by Vendor”. So I got in touch with NY customer service and they responded half a day later stating “there was a payment failure and the money was refunded”. Now I’m no rocket scientist, but when you said “payment failure” and “refund”, it begs the question whether NY actually “received” the money but subsequently “refunded” due to gawd-knows-what-reason. Knowing it was a lost cause to argue and so long my card wasn’t charged, I left the matter at it is. This morning I saw the VF-1S re-listed for 28K Yen. Yup, I leave the afterthoughts to you guys. Anyhow, I’m not re-ordering the VF-1S with NY.
  5. I conceded defeat and order from NY at 27K Yen. Not a big fan of NY but alas still cheaper than 38k Yen asking price on Amazon JP. Here’s to hoping NY doesn’t screw me over.
  6. Hey all, I'm looking for the following toys to complete my 1/48 Macross collection: 1) Yamato 1/48 VF-1J Miria Jenius custom 2) Yamato 1/48 GBP armor set If you have a few and wish to extend a hand to fellow Macross fan (such as myself), or simply have leads on where to secure one at reasonable price, I'm definitely interested in working things out. I stay in Malaysia so we can work on the shipping cost as well. Thanks for the time guys!
  7. Gawd it's fugly as usual. They need a new cover designer!!!!! With the kind of money we paid, it's unjust to deliver such "artistic" box cover
  8. oh, another macross 7 thread. Goodies. This would be a great addition to all the previous ones we had
  9. Would this be a complete variable, or a swap transformation? Anyways, I'm lovin' it
  10. I still wonder why the picture was in the men's bathroom But what a catch, maybe i should look around the next time i bump into a local bookstore washroom
  11. I got to say I love the VF-1 series, but in particular, it gotta be VF-1J
  12. Good luck with that!!! Let us know when you open the sister store so we can check it out! 320703[/snapback] it's always good to have alternative source. All the best
  13. Max is as good looking as in the animation itself *drolls*
  14. M9 seems much cooler than Arbalest. Does anyone have any info on the black mecha that posed along with M9 and Arbalest in the opening?
  15. Ugh, Minmay is losing big time. Turns out that She's not that of a chick in our member's eyes
  16. Listen to the experts here and get the 1/48s first. The 1/60 ain't going nowhere anytime soon. Don't be like me and wait too long to jump on the bandwagon. I got my first 1/48, which is a Low Viz for 500 bucks. Right now, since I'm working full time, I could start collecting them one by one. But the out-of-production ones are gonna cost me as well. OT: Kanzaki, I gather from your location you're Melaka? 319963[/snapback] Nope not from Malacca, I'm from KL.
  17. Man you are brave or incredibly insane. 319842[/snapback] Man of the Match
  18. Thanks for all the replies. It actually cleared up my thoughts now, and I think it makes sense to go for the 1/48s first and collect the 1/60 leisurely. For a fact that 1/60 has a few that 1/48s doesnt have, and I think I'll aim for those in the future. It's true that most 1/60 lines are available in 1/48s (even the upcoming CF), so i guess the more reason why I should pick up 1/48s. Am hoping to get my 1/48s collection up soon. Anyone knows any good shops that sells macross in UK? I'll be off to UK (Newcastle) after summer to further my studies
  19. I like Misa, but i cant deny that my type has always been MinMay. Miria's beautiful and all, but I can't stand her attitude sometimes
  20. Get all the 1/48s you want first. They are all expensive to begin with, and they'll keep getting more and more pricey as their supplies dwindle...get the CF and GBP when they come out or you may find yourself spending 3X as much to acquire them later...LV anyone? Once you have all the 1/48s you want/need, then go back to completing the 1/60 line if you so desire. They are unlikely to appreciate in value within the next 5 years anyway, so if you need to track a particular 1/60 down in 3 years, you'll be able to get it at a reasonable price...likely even bellow MSRP. 319720[/snapback] great advice. I was actually thinking of the same thing. Well 1/48 are indeed expensive now, and it might get even more expensive later. Batter get it before it reaches a jaw dropping price. I'm getting the 1/48 CF, so i guess thats a good start and I'm getting a 1/49 VF-1J miria soon as well.
  21. I was thinking of finishing the 1/60 line first since they're cheaper. But I'm afraid of the chipping issue. I think maybe i should jump into the 1/48 instead. Anyone here who has a complete 1/60 line??
  22. Hi, I'm a newbie here, so i dont know wether a topic as such was discussed. I'm a diehard macross fan (well, erm...yeah.... I guess.) Recently I took the first step in getting my Macross valks, and trying to make a collection out of it. I started with some 1/60s which was the VF-1As and VF-1S, and further in 1 of my 1/48 VF-1A hikaru and a strike/fast pack set. Now I am in a dilemma, as to whether to complete my 1/60 then go for the 1/48, ot just jump into the 1/48 line. The 1/60 is a excellent line, and i love my VT-1 and VE-1 the most, but soon after some transformation, the die cast part starts to chip off, leaving a rather irritating sign on the valks. (Only VF-1S Roy, because the other 1/60 is still MIB due to lack of displaying space). Now, I'm planing to collect the 1/60 VF-1J Max and Miria, but the chipping issue place a halt in my plans. I have 1 1/48 VF-1A, which IMO is really good and detailed, and the chipping issue doesnt seem to happen here. I'm pleased with the details and also the complete transformation, and the articulation is superb. My question now; Should i discontinue the 1/60 collection and go for the 1/48 instead? due to the fact that 1/48 are kinda expensive and much harder to find than 1/60, I was thinking of getting the full line for 1/60, and only a few 1/48, just to make up a collection. Should I do that?? Or shoudl I just collect 1/48 instead? I've already have my 1/72 macross plus collection, and my YF-19 is coming in soon. I got no issues with 1/72 so far Sorry for the stupid dilemma question, but i really wanna hear what u guys think about this. regards.
  23. Well the price a bomb too
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