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  1. I had the most bizarre experience with HLJ just now, just to pen down my experience : So I managed to add the MB Justice into my shopping cart and proceeded to checkout. All went well until the confirm payment/order page and the circle of death popped up just as I click confirm order/payment. What happened next, I was brought back to the shopping cart page with MB justice still in the cart, and again I tried to check out the item, but this time a notification came about at the confirm payment/order page indicating that PO is closed and I couldn't complete my order. However moments ago i received an (delayed) Order Acknowledgement and Confirmation from HLJ, indicating that I did secure one. So I guess all is good.
  2. Kanzaki

    Hi-Metal R

    I think the HMR line has its appeal, especially with the size, articulations and details. The VF-1J GBP HMR was probably one of the best GBP made, even for its size.
  3. From where I come from, careful handling is almost non-existent in most local courier companies. More often than not a bigger box with extra fillers would save you the hassle (and agony) of a damaged item. Don’t get me wrong though, HLJ has always packed my orders with care, and I’m all for cheaper shipping charge. All I’m saying is DHL has handled my Roy with utmost care and I appreciate it
  4. Shipped out from HLJ via DHL on Tuesday and arrived today. HLJ shipped my Roy in a shipper box slightly larger than the item itself with not much space for any fillers. Was almost sure that the slightest damage to the shipper box would inevitably damage the actual item itself. TBH, I’m pleasantly surprised that Roy arrived at my doorstep without any visible damage to the shipper box. Kudos to DHL!
  5. Manage to snag one from HLJ but was too nervous and forgot to enter the promo code at checkout. Still very lucky to snag one at retail price.
  6. HLJ is in stock!
  7. My PO from AmiAmi was shipped + 5600 yen DHL shipping fees on Monday. Estimate to arrive at my doorstep today. Surprisingly my other PO from HLJ, shipped via DHL as well, cost me 4450 yen, which is 1150 yen lesser. Item was shipped on Tuesday and estimated to arrive today as well. Since DHL shipping is calculated by way of volume and not weight, I'm curious to find out whether AmiAmi packs the item in a larger box (hopefully with more fillers) than HLJ does. Will find out tonight I guess
  8. cart jacked at HLJ. Boo!
  9. here we go again! T-minus 10 mins!
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