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  1. Hi no3Ljm, thanks for the details. After my experience with Yammies' 1/48, i normally unscrew the screws holding the arm armors and loosen the bracket, so its easier to just detach them. However the DX VF-1 line are glued together not being held by screws, hence my concerns.
  2. Thanks for the video Froy! Guess i just need to move on from my bad experience with the 1/48 yammies. Will try it out later after work!
  3. Hi guys, not sure whether it’s already covered in this thread but do hear me out: I recently decided to do some cleaning on my DX VF-1 line and wanted to remove the strike/fast pack attached to my VF-1S Hikaru. When trying to remove the arm armor clips I had some difficulty removing it, even with a bit of wobbling, with fear of breaking the armor clips holding the armor and and arm. I had bad experience breaking the Yamato 1/48 arm armor piece so just want to check with you guys as to how best to remove the arm armor part on my DX VF-1S. Thanks in advance!
  4. I had the most bizarre experience with HLJ just now, just to pen down my experience : So I managed to add the MB Justice into my shopping cart and proceeded to checkout. All went well until the confirm payment/order page and the circle of death popped up just as I click confirm order/payment. What happened next, I was brought back to the shopping cart page with MB justice still in the cart, and again I tried to check out the item, but this time a notification came about at the confirm payment/order page indicating that PO is closed and I couldn't complete my order. However moments ago i received an (delayed) Order Acknowledgement and Confirmation from HLJ, indicating that I did secure one. So I guess all is good.
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