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  1. Be patients LOTS of you, Even Frontier have that phase in ep 18-22, so BE PATIENT BEFORE YOU JUMP THE GUN. At least we get to see origin of Walkure instead of left it unknown.
  2. Its actually mistranslated from gg fansub as i read from forum that Ernest Johnson actually only lost 8 battle out of 100 space battle.
  3. Once again i disagree with you and completely puzzled WHY you keep picture Valan a real good guy
  4. But those VF are outdated and weaker compared to even VF-19
  5. So what main character going to pilot VF? I hope it will be VF-25 or VF-27 as in macros 30 many special division started to mass produce those VF for very good reason. So is therer possible those squadron going to pilot first mass produce of VF-29
  6. So what VF they going to pilot. And in what timeline in this comic take place
  7. I wonder now how Hayate and Mirage going to improved their piloting skill in short time as they have to be better than Messer as Keith able to defeat Messer and has Wing of light ability as well.
  8. Look like Hayate has acquired same skill with Alto in Sayonara no Tsubasa: The Wind of Light with help of Frejya of course who become successor of Sheryl and Ranka.It brought me in tears
  9. I think Zentradi are a bit taller. So Tie fighter vs VF? Who win?
  10. Here my Fanfic idea for awhile now. But Ill try to make this fanfic after Delta ends Macross Andromeda Synopsis 2 years after war between NUNS and Kingdom of Wind, humanity successfully spread entire Milky Way galaxy. NUNS and other colonist state has undergo major revision and reform the government to not only gives colony more independent power, it helps strengthen core world and colony relation to more united and more equal rights. One days a NUNS fleet found ancient Protoculture gateway during exploring outer rim of galaxy. After researching and repair the gate, the data shows that this Gateway are new space folding tech that help to increase speed of the ship and shorten traveling time during folding(like Trans warp conduit in star trek) and this gateway led directly to Andromeda galaxy. Data shows that protoculture use create the gate way to explore and colonize Andromeda Galaxy but however Protoculture was fallen before they fully explore the Andromeda galaxy With that revelation, NUNS , the colonist, and other allied race(like Zentradi and Vajra) band together their resources and technology to create the largest and most advanced macros exploration/colony fleet. Its mission to explore Andromeda Galaxy and make contact with any advanced race. To boldly go where no children of protoculture has gone before Its a crossover fanfic where I add in sort of scifi from east and west The series are I plan crossover are AKB0048 Star Wars(original trilogy) StarCraft(Protoss and Zerg only) Halo(covenant and remnant of forerunner) Dog Days Strike Witches Warcraft or Gate Any more suggestion please tell me Macross Andromeda VF: VF-1EX VF-19 ADVANCE VF-22 ADVANCE VF-25(Main stay) VF-27 VF-29(UPGRADE OF YF-29) VF-31 SV 262 And 3-4 new type VF Andromeda gateway At the end of Protoculture era, they create gateway to Andromeda galaxy to explore and colonize new galaxy in desperation to preserve their remaining civilization. After gateway successfully build and function, Protoculture decided to explore new galaxy and plan to launch colonization program in new galaxy. However its too late as Protoculture finally collapse and fallen before program fully realize and they force to close down gateway and partially dismantle(with gate only activate when their children fully united) while some of Protoculture people left behind in Andromeda galaxy. By the time Protoculture fallen, only 0.1% of Andromeda Galaxy has explored and documented. Andromeda galaxy The closet neighboring galaxy to Milky Way galaxy, Andromeda Galaxy are 2x bigger than Milky way galaxy. The galaxy are still largely unknown as only 0.1% of Andromeda Galaxy has explored and documented by the time of Protoculture fallen So what do you guys think of my ideas. Please comment and ask question.
  11. It seems that old king once a ace pilot and seems that the King , Captain Johnson and Arad once close friend
  12. With NUNS galactic is coming, I wonder how NUNS respond to declaration of war? With galactic scale war, I think this series will allow delta squadron travel to multiple system or colony ship to fight against wind kingdom onslaught. I hope we get to see Delta squadron actually travel to Macross 7 fleet or better yet frontier colony world to see how VF-25 and VF-29 fare against Draken
  13. MY god this most probably THE first interstellar galactic wars in Macross history
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