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  1. So far is there any summary about movie yet?
  2. Like I say Remnant as they only have modified Battle Galaxy ship and has no escorts ship with it
  3. Most likely those are remnant of Galaxy conspirator whose now become Criminal fugitive. Also not sure true or not but is Eplison sub division of Macross Galaxy?
  4. Err in Frontier movie , Battle Galaxy never appear as Galaxy executive just hijack Battle Frontier.
  5. It seems that main villain are rogue NUNS as they seems steal Windermare Protoculture wing ship and install it in their Macross ship
  6. You such a Kill joy Saito. I love to see how Max being doing nowadays in Delta era and I love to see his interaction with his Granddaughter Mirage which give more development to Delta squadron especially Mirage. Also love t see Max curb stomp entire Delta squadron during training. It seems 2nd trailer delta squadron training with Max. Max seems slightly aged. I guess being Genius able to slow his aging.
  7. OMG, Frejya is dying. Look at her backneck shows her crystallization is already at late stage. Hopefully Movie show how she survive in the end.
  8. Word on the street is the 2nd Macross Delta movie is going to be available to stream world wide on release, now that HG isn't being a little bitch. And speaking of the movie... Chuck's Super VF-31 for the movie. Looks like he has his own custom artwork on the back, had ditched the dish (though he did that in the 1st movie with the full armor pack) and they've relocated the boosters to the wing tips rather than have them sit on top of the wing. And I think that makes for a better looking super pack. Look forward for more news
  9. In the movie 1, Xaos done good job of ending war without that interfering from that officer who LOVE to use WMD and Illegal WMD on his FIRST plan of action. In fact entire movie shows that NUNS leave Ernest and his army of Xaos led fleet of NUNS and won the Windermere war. WITHOUT USING WMD! Movie 1 also shows that NUNS the one who stole DNA of Star Singer, not Lady M. Also Lady M threaten NUNS to expose their illegal operation to ensured peace talk act fairly, unlike Verselis treaty which bullying side that lose the war. Also Roid , the mastermind behind war, dead and their best ace is dead. So that impossible for Windermere to continue the war. Also at the end of movie 1, Keith and rest of Aerial knight realize their mistake as they saw Walkure and Xaos are not so different, risking lives for future.
  10. He essentially turn entire Delta story into first half of new Delta story as 90% of 2nd half of delta are skip-able He then make his entirely new 2nd half of story. I do not think Lady M is new villain as she leader of Chaos. I think there huge reason she clone star singer, to combat greater threat.
  11. I think Kawamori realize his mistake in 2nd half of Delta series and decieded to make better 2nd half story and finish up series story in first movie as first half of his new Delta story.
  12. News : https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/daily-briefs/2019-02-02/shoji-kawamori-aims-to-release-new-macross-delta-film-in-2020/.142917 So its confirm that 2nd movie is pure original story and essentially sequel to Delta. I so look forward to see who new villain in movie as series villain Roid killed in movie 1. So what you guys think of possible new villain?
  13. I have sneaky suspicious that movie 2 feature more clone of star singer as possible villain. In the series Mikumo flashback shows there 3 other Star singer. Most likely villain clone other star singer and use them for their plan.
  14. Seito, you have confirmation biased on NUNS, did you even watch ep 25? Black box from Wright VF-22 already shows that Wright are UNDER ORDER to bomb Sigur which already confirm at that time RIGHT UNDER capital which Major population center. Wright already figure out what type of bomb he carry and caught win on his corrupt boss scheme , Try to drop to isolated area. Unfortunately his boss caught wind Wright intention and ARMED BOMB remotely and take control of Wright VF. . With little time left, Wright tries his best to drop the bomb on most less population area which end up casualties which include Bogue entire family. If Wright FOLLOW his boss order which you suggest, EVEN more casualties. Obviously you did not watch ep 25 delta or confirmation bias if you missed out that revelation!
  15. Yeah right, you only one who thinks he a good guy as he plan to blow up entire planet using Illegal WMD and cover it up as 'accident' again! Also i heard that he and co conspirator use Dimensional bomb to cover up their illegal operation of stealing Star singer DNA. The movie 1 already highlight what happen if NUNS allow competent commander in charge as they manage to win the war in much shorter time and NO ILLEGAL WMD WERE USE!. Also Major Valan care less on Ragna and happily retreat after his bomb only reveal ruin instead of evacuating civilian! Also Hayate father refuse to bomb civilian capital as the half broken ship were below capital full of innocent people.
  16. Delta movie 2 is going to uncharted territory as it has completely original plot and story. Frontier movie 2 at least has 2nd half of Frontier series as basic frame work with main villain remain the same like Leon and Macross Galaxy conspirator. I wonder if they bring in corrupt NUNS officer from the series in the movie as one of the villain in the movie. Here my wish list: -Hayate has New VF(Kinda obvius) - More love story between Frejya and Hayate as they become couple in movie 1 - More dogfight and space battle - Draken 3 has new pack like full armored or other pack. - Macross Elysion crazy ship battle maneuver - More song - More development in Aerial Knight and Windermere as movie 1 stop war early.(Love to see Frejya able to return home after war and introduce Hayate to her parents). - Unlikely to happen but crossover with Macross 7, Frontier and 30. -Good original plot. - Lady M identity finally reveal I wonder you guys Mirage should pilot in movie 2? I prefer her continue pilot Draken 3.
  17. That my opinion on movie. Also I dont agree on rating on movie very high solely on nostalgic only. Im only saying that rating on DYRL movie high solely on nostalgia only are not reliable as DYRL to me have fair share of flaw. . Its like rating Gundam ZZ higher than Gundam 00 because Nostalgia, despite ZZ actually has poorer story. Just saying dont put DYRL pedestal too high.
  18. Ill point that reason I put Delta movie above Plus movie was that Macross Plus movie just rehash of OVA with 3% of the original content in movie like Guld gdogfight fight X-9 Ghost and introduction of Guld and Isamu reunion, Delta has more original content, improve Delta overall plot and better action scene than series vesion. Dogfight between Messer and Keith are better than Plus as Plus dogfight only show at the end movie are still conventional maneuver and slower than Delta. Although due to YF-19 and YF-21 build before EX-gear prevent them perform crazy high G maneuver like Messer vs Keith and Guld use that maneuver end up kill himself and also no actual Macross ship battle.. The reason I still rank high due to YF-19 are one of my most favorite VF and its my first Macross Movie to watch. The reason DYRL rank lower than Delta due to 85 % of Movie are romance plot and drama. Also Space battle a bit lacking and dogfight too short. Rank higher due to more original content. You cannot biased on DYRL solely on nostalgia. Like in review, Frontier Movie 2 are my most favorite as its has more original content and ACTUALLY FIX entire 2nd half of Frontier series. Space battle also more awesome than Series finale version and Grace actually more realistic. I mean you cannot erase emotion that easily and shows that due to raising Sheryl, she actually realize her mistake and change her mind. The reason she still follow Galaxy conspirator,due to they take control her mind and finally SMS get to fight true villain of Frontier series, Galaxy leaders in movie. Also movie has actual new VF, YF-29. By the way what do you guys think of VF-31 Armored pack?
  19. I hope by traveling another galaxy, we get to see multiple type of sentient being that different than Protoculture and Vajra. Also whole new set of tech
  20. Are you okay that next Macross series will feature Macross fleet go to Another galaxy like Andromeda?
  21. After Watching Macross Delta movie, Delta movie officially my 2nd favorite Macross movie with Frontier 2nd movie are 1st. Here Pros and Cons Pros - The dogfight scene are to me best in entire Macross franchise especially Messer vs Keith and final battle. I even says its even better than Frontier movie dogfight scene.(Alto do not want to fight against Brera and mostly try avoid him)(Hell Messer won and die even more sad and awesome) and more action - Movie VF new equipment are awesome especially Armored Pack, VF-31 ghost booster and Mirage Draken 3. To me its even better than Tornado pack. Also more Macross ship action - Mirage and ayate are more likable than Series version. Also Mirage in Movie are more skilled and badass than Series version -Music are even more awesome series version. - Highlight that NUNS are actually more heroic competent , less trigger happy on using illegal WMD and less corrupt(they still perform illegal operation on stealing Star Singer DNA) as they manage to end Windemere war in shorter time and lesser casualty WITHOUT using WMD. - No boring filer . -Roid in movie are better villain and just as sympathetic as he try to save his race dying from their short lifespan but doing it in wrong way. Con -Pacing a bit too fast - Winderemere role get cut short with Keith and Bogue are main role. - Technically improve rehash like Frontier Movie. - No new VF Overall its great Macross movie. The reason Frontier 2nd movie are still my most fav Macross movie are its 2nd half story of Frontier are better than series version, more original story,better song(by close margin). better space battle and Macross action than Delta movie and have actual new VF which become 3rd most fav VF, YF-29 Durandal I give Delta Movie 9.35/10 (Frontier movie 2 are 9.5) Ranking for my fav Macross movie 1st Macross Frontier Movie 2 2nd Macross Delta Movie 3rd Macross Plus Movie 4th Macross DRYL 5th Macross Frontier Movie 1
  22. Problem that their tech level are most likely outdated tech as they left Earth in year 2012. But you were right as NUNS seriously need to reform as so many rogue element happen since Macross Plus.
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