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  1. Seto beased on summary of Movie 2, I think I get villain motivation.
  2. Man its really hard to topple YF-29 Durandal as most powerful VF. Even Sv-303 couldnt beat it. I wonder what Kawamori gonna take to make VF that surpass YF-29
  3. I think you misunderstood what Ledakan43 says, he mention that VF-31 are more like mass produced unit,not AX He already explain in the movie where
  4. Maybe we get to watch movie sooner in cinema.
  5. Well after whole Harmony Gold deal with Big west, this going to be biggest test that if Macross sequal Finally able to being distribute internationally Speaking of Delta movie 2
  6. Its seems that VF-31 AX has become contender for title strongest VF for reason of
  7. Unless Big West keep to their promise to screen internationally after whole Harmony Gold deal thing then we got to watch movie earlier in cinema. Seto , i think your bias has clouded your judgement toward Delta movie 2 (to the point you think that that obviously corrupt happy trigger WMD NUNS officer are good guy.) The movie haven't out in US yet so please reserved your judgement on it. Even threader says Delta movie 2 are very well received. Also we cant really trust outside material as recent Frontier short movie contradict magazine material concerning Sheryl and Alto fate after Frontier movie 2. Also if there no communication at all, how Lady M able to communicate with Xaos and sponsor them. I read that they trap dimensional Fault that constant shifting which why they end up in Windermere when they supposed went missing in center of Milky Way.
  8. Like I say NUNS only able to communicate with them only but they did not know WHERE Lady M Locations is. Don t make assumption that NUNS knew where Lady M location is and cover up as Heimdall just found where Lady M is and they have to use latest technology to do it. Also that Roid saying , in which he cannot be trusted. I already explain on Delta movie 2 where Johan, Wright best friend and high priest explain what really happen.
  9. Err I think you got some of your assumption on Lady M wrong such as:-
  10. I read review, reviewer say Delta Movie 2 are as good as Frontier Movie 2 whom consider as one of best Macross movie. The way you write as if you salty that you always villfied Lady M and now you found out their true identity. No wonder Max helping Xaos ASAP the moment he found out Heimdall plan to destroy Lady M Well Delta Movie 2 has just answered decade long question that Macross fan has been asking
  11. Well if spoiler are true, then congratualtion Seto, you insulted and demonise Lady M aka
  12. When I read, is that true Battle 7 appear in movie 2
  13. Who are Heimdall organisation and why they want to kill Megaroad 1 and Lady M? And who Lady M?
  14. Could you translate as not all of us can read japanease
  15. Maybe that why Max help Xaos as most likely he manage to track down Remnant of Galaxy conspirator and possibly send by Lady M. I think Lady M is Milia. Send her husband to do dirty job
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