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  1. I am wondering if anyone can fill me in on this new Spiderman animation show. I checked out the official site and the episode guide says ep #106 and up. I happened to catch it tonight and I am very impressed with it (nice drawing, cinematic effects, nice designs on the characters, good techno background music and for the first time, spidey walks and swings like a real spider, I also like the slimmer looks of Spiderman much like the comic). When did this show start? Have I missed more than 100 episodes already!? I noticed the design of this Spiderman is similiar to the movie version, so was it started slightly after the movie? The last time I got impressed with a western cartoon was Gargoyles for its well written plots (Too bad Disney cancelled the show). Anyone remember that!?
  2. My question is "Does it matter whether Ma Cross (no mac cross please!) is popular in Japan or anywhere else as long as you like it!?" I was attracted to the original series because of the story and the mecha designs. Much like other innovative creations such as Galaxy Express 999, Uchuu Senkan Yamato, original Gundam ....Mazinga, Voltes V .....etc. I liked them because they are simply different from others. Many years from now, Macross is definitely not going to be popular at all or if many will remember it. If I like it, it doesn't matter whether it is popular or not. I am from the old school, Gundam Seed is popular but I don't like it. The story is old and the design is also "old". It is just not the same as the original Gundam in which the mecha designs were innovative; the story was very dramatic and well written, not to mention totally original. The drawing might not be as high tech or detailed but it is better drawing than in Seed. After 46 episodes of Seed (latest), I still don't like it. I personally think it is dangerous for Yamato as a business to concentrate mainly on Macross. If that falls, Yamato will finish. My two .... and half cents!
  3. I saw the first one on video. I can't remember it was that bad. The plot is lame with minimum cast but it does have a creepy feeling. It is like silence of the lambs or was it lamb, I can't remember how many lambs there are . Anyway, the character is like "Buffalo Bill" with bat wings I am very curious to know what the creature is and why he eats once every 23 years (According to the official web page) ? Can it be killed? If it can't be killed, we can make a movie called .... Jason vs Freddy vs Michael (Meyer) vs CreepyWings.......
  4. So how long would be "a while"? Which one will you do first? I have to admit I got slow with the Macross City, the buildings are almost done but I am still testing the color of the city.
  5. Is it your completed work? I would love to see it.
  6. Is it completed? I am eager to see other's works.
  7. Would someone be willing to make some animated Macross screensavers? Perhaps some transformations sequence of the Macross Battle or Battle 7 with some background music, something similiar to Mr Wolf's (I can't remember his nickname on the forum) work: http://www.wolfmage.com/anim.htm I thought the transformation was nice. Too bad it isn't a screensaver but still a nice short animated movie to watch.
  8. As far as I know, it's indeed glass. Maybe some kind of future-super-strong-glass, but some kind of glass anyway. It's a very weak point of the design, but you got to remember the Megaroad-class emigration ship was built (or should I say scratch built ? ) from the hull of the unfinished 2nd Macross-class warship. It isn't the best planned design of the world, and that's probably why the Megaroads are afforded large escorts of Zentradi/UN ships. If my only choices are the Titanic and the Megaroad, I will get on the Titanic. I take my chances with the icy cold water and the sharks
  9. MacrossX

    New CG

    Thanks for the link. I know nothing about CGI modelling, perhaps this is a good place to start. I am wondering if anyone has produced any Macross related CGI models using this software. If so, can anyone post their works?
  10. G-System has also made one. I am not sure if it is a recast from the Yellow Submarine kit but they look different in the photos. There are some minor differences I think. I am also interested in other's works of this ship.
  11. I like that older Tekkaman more. The 70's and 80's are the golden age for anime!
  12. I realise I have asked about this before they had a new look for the forum. Has anyone completed theirs? I am particularly interested in seeing the cruiser mode models since I don't have it.
  13. When I said "same character", I just mean same "writing", they are written the same, etc as i have demonstrated in the previous writings. I am not quite sure about what having the same meaning. Do you mean the character itself? I have to ask "mom" herself about this! Maybe you can message me so that this thread doesn't become the Japanese language discussion.
  14. I don't know much about various VFs , some look nice while some don't. I would also like to like see model kits for the SDF-2 or Megaroad (Flashback). Model kits will just be fine. Resin kits are just more expensive though I bought a resin for the Macross Battle. I don't believe they have made a model kit for the Battle 7 or even the city. Talking about ships, I do have a question regarding the Megaroad (Flashback). Are those "glass" between the ship's "skeletons"? I know the city is located in the front part of the ship but what is encapsulating the city? If it is glass, wouldn't it be easy for the enemies to destroy the city?
  15. Is Macross XX a new story or a composition of various scenes in CGI? Made by fans?
  16. This demonstrates the use of the character "Ao" or "Sei" depending on the context. As you can see, the same character is used for both "Blue" and "Youth". The hiragana showed on top of the character indicates that the same word is pronounced differently. My handwritings are usually better than this
  17. These characters are more suitable for a match, battle or wars.
  18. Is this from an online translator? If it is, they usually translate the meaning word by word and will loose the context. I have included a picture of the characters with the individual meaning. Your translator isn't too far off. As you see, if you translate the meaning word by word, the translation would be "blue" "death" and "struggle" but death struggle/match doesn't sound right in English but the meaning is there.
  19. Blue in Japanese can also mean young and inexperienced, somewhat similar to the word Green in English. It's just another Japanese pun that ends up being fairly difficult to translate. I have a feeling based on the box art and the title, we'll probably see a bit more fighting between Nora and Shin, and hopefully not just the one-sided slaughter we saw in episode 2. And here's your strange Japanese fun fact... The word for BLUE in Japanese (aoi, ao) in fact actually means green. A "green light" in Japanese is literally called a BLUE light, among other things. aoshingo, aonori, etc, etc. You mean "Sei" which is the same Kanji character as "Ao". For example, Seinen or Seishounen, it means young guy or youth. They are the same character but pronounced differently. The Kanji character "Ao" is actually green in Chinese and Chinese uses a different character for blue. Also, the meaning of the Kanji characters of seinen or seishounen is the same in Chinese.
  20. If that is the release date, then it would be "late" Fall. The title is better translated as "A blue desparate struggle (or deadly struggle)." in English. The word can be used as "pale" or "blue". In this case, it is "blue".
  21. He is talking about Macross 7. One thing I liked about Macross 7 was the fact they played music from Sharon in the background. The reason is because Macross 7 takes place shortly after Macross Plus. Sharon's music was still being played even in on the other side of the galaxy. I forgot about that. Maybe I wasn't paying enough attention while watching it. I didn't like the series as mentioned. Plus is just better.
  22. Were you talking about Macross Plus or Macross 7? I thought the thread was about Macross 7. If it is about Macross Plus, then I like it (both the story and music by Kanno Yoko)
  23. If possible, rent one or two episodes and see if you like it. I personally think it is worth saving your money on model kits or other Macross toys. The only thing I like about the show is the title theme. If you watch it with your cat/dog, it will walk away after the main theme is played . I have only seen the first 35 episodes but I have enough.
  24. Was this in Macross II? How did I miss it!? I have to watch it again. I like this design the most so far. I found others too "blocky" looking. Have they ever made a toy or model kit of this? I would say I like Macross II more than Macross 7 even though it has a Macross ship in the series but I didn't like the design. However, I didn't like the way they destroyed the Macross ship at the end of Macross II and the story is mediocre, but I do like one song in the OVA.
  25. They didn't trash this into the garbage bin, right? Someone picked it up? Was this published somewhere official? Only if the image is a bit larger so that I can see the handwriting. Can it be a preliminary storyboard!?
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