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  1. Somewhere in between, its been confirmed theyre thinking about doing one Hybridchild Just hope they can make it proportional and not looking like a toy....and yeah, not small.
  2. Just out of curiosity, would anyone get a tatoo of Minmay?
  3. Check out the official site: http://www.macross.co.jp/zero/ There is nothing said about ep 3 and above (5 in total). Usually they don't place anything there until after the release of the DVD. I don't know how much further they can write for the Macross Saga, they already have some successful and unsuccessful sequels and now the Prequel. Perhaps they can come up with something to replace the "aweful" Macross 7 with CGI for the VFs or the ships. I am expecting vol 3 around the end of September or early October. What really interests me is the Transformable Macross SDF-1 from Yamato. Is this just a rumour or something with a set schedule?
  4. Hmmmm... unless you live in the Antartica , it is in the middle of summer for most of us. It says Fall at the end of Vol 2. Is it winter now in Australia? I don't know when the official date for Fall/Autumn is, but I would keep an eye on vol. 3 starting from the end of September.
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