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  1. Maybe that's why Mao has some psychic abilities. I am still trying to figure out what those alien "thingies" are. They didn't appear in the original Macorss series or the movie. I am disappointed in the carrier ship not being the Promethemus (did I spell it right?). Macross Zero is just slightly before Macross in the timeline, so I don't think it would hurt to include her in Macross Zero. It would be nice if they could introduce other mechas that appeared in the original series or the movie besides the Valks.
  2. I am not going into the details...... Generally, it is the same as part 1 and 2. The story and fighting are still around the island. For all the valks and CGI fighters fans, the excitment lasts about 4 to 5 mins in the second half of the 30 mins show. For those who can't dive, you will enjoy the nice underwater scene around the tropical island. There is also some nudity. Spoiler The scientists discovered some alien's robot or the alien himself on the island, I can't quite figure out what it is but apparently they are analysing the "blood" from this "body" Shin and Mao have discovered something alien (still alive) in the ocean. I think Mao is kinda a psychic. Episode 4 (dense forest) will be released in Spring 2004.
  3. I am hoping this person will read this post. I just want to thank you for your 1 vote to my macross ship. Although it is just 1 , it means a lot to me. Thank you so much whoever/wherever you are.
  4. I think you have to log onto the site and find the polling page instead of just clicking on the above link. According to the current results, Macross models are not too popular, but Eva and Gundam models are.
  5. PS: The rules are actually very simple. It basically says: "As long as you have a completed model that you built yourself, you are allowed to enter." And......a very good digital cam?
  6. I have no idea where you can get the cheapest paint but bare in mind that the shipping cost from where you are getting the cheap paint from; also, be awared of slow delivery when paints can be sitting in some mail store room/warehouse in cold temperature. This might dry out the paint. These are the colour charts from Tamiya, Japan. English charts are basically the same but with a few taken out of the chart. Acrylic paint: http://www.tamiya.com/japan/products/list/...t/acrylic_1.htm These have the the same colour on the web page, but their actual colours are: X-2 White X-20A Acrylic thinner X-21 Flat base X-22 Clear Enamel paint: http://www.tamiya.com/japan/products/list/enamel_1.htm X2, X20, X21, X22 are the same with X20 comes in small and big bottles Spray Paint: http://www.tamiya.com/japan/products/list/spray.htm TS-7 racing white TS-13 clear TS-26 pure white TS_27 matt white PS-45 pearl white Polycarbonate http://www.tamiya.com/japan/products/list/pc.htm Air model spray (aircraft, fighter plane) http://www.tamiya.com/japan/products/list/as.htm There are a few more types..... Check out the English charts also, but bare in mind that there might not have as many colours as the Japanese counterparts. If you are not in Japan, the colours are limited to those available for the outside-Japan market. Mix your own color if you are into airbrush or place a special order.
  7. There are many techniques in weathering. Dry brushing can be used for bringing out details (panel lines patterns, indentations, etc) or making something look worn, dirty or rusty. Many of these techniques are really simple and you can come up with them yourself quite easily. The most important thing about weathering is not overdoing it. It is more natural looking with "light" weathering than the "heavy" ones, and not everything needs weathering. If you are an artist or know how to draw, this is a plus as it will help you to come up with more natural looking weathering. For battle damaged looks (which I rarely use for the love of my models), practice it on some spare plastic if it is the first time you do it. You can use drill, sand paper (different coarses), soldering iron, hairdryer and even model glue (which eats the plastic and creates that damage looks). Also, don't follow what others have done exactly, it is like copying an art work from the original, it always looks mechanical and not natural. I wish I could express this with better words, but for the best results, you just have to "think" natural. Also, check out real life objects to see how they get rusted or damaged naturally. In my opinion, the best technique is the one that uses least equipment/tools but can be used to achieve the same results. Achieving the best result doesn't mean you have to spend big money on many tools and equipments. Happy weathering!
  8. I really recommend you paint it yourself. There is really more pros than cons in painting it yourself. Firstly, you save a lot of money having someone paint it for you (unless he/she is your friend. If your friend asks for money, it is time to get some new friends ) and secondly, you learn how to paint model. Everyone starts from not having any modelling skills. Maybe you can start off by painting a very small part and so on just to build up the confidence. Also, choose one of the two figures you can allow yourself mistakes to work on first. You can also achieve muscle tones or such without the need for air brushing.
  9. minor spoiler......... They didn't even show his eyes. Maybe he survives the blast just like Kira though Kluze took the total hit from the beam....who knows!? In anime, anything is possible. Kira's Gundam is practically melting and yet he survives. Kira's vision scene is similar to that in the original Gundam as well as those "funnels". Old ideas are still used today after so many years of Gundam. Don't forget the shot scene......that is also similar to that in the original Gundam.
  10. I am not going to tell a lot about the story....... But too many died ...and how come Kira survives and his Gundam doesn't !? A "magic" explosion? The whole ending is the reminescence of the original Gundam's ending. I do smell a sequel but if they are going to bring back the surviving characters........Make them look like adults this time.
  11. Not much of a spoiler...... Seed 49.... Did anyone see how those bursted into blood "bubbles" when the beam hit them? I am surprised to see the moon wasn't destroyed with weapon with that much destructive power. One thing always bugs me........their hair don't float when they are floating in mid air due to the lack of gravity. I want to know what kind of hairspray or mousse they are using! Also, why don't they transfer the story of the Gundam Sentinel onto the small screen!?
  12. In summary: Resin kits: Pros: 1) modellers can cast what they want, they have much more control on the details, shape and proportionality of the kits. 2) Easy to repair and reshape Cons: 1) Expensive. These kits are made in low volume (home made) and the material costs are expensive. Have you seen that 1/35 Ex-S Gundam? $2100 US? 2) Depending on the quality of the resin, it can chip easily. 3) It takes time and patience to produce 4) Parts will loose details if the cast is used many times. 5) Parts are usually heavier because they are not hollow. The 1/35 Ex-S Gundam is about 60 lbs I think, the shipping cost will kill you. Don't let the word "resin" scares you. If you just assemble a kit, it is relatively easy. Plastic Injection kit: Pros: 1) Cheaper. Much larger production runs and much higher profits if the kits are popular. 2) It saves your time making it yourself. 3) Lighter than the resin counterparts. Cons: 1) You have to do a lot of re-modelling if the parts are not in the shape, proportion or details you want. For example,most think the MG Ex-S Gundam's head is too big and it makes the shoulders small. 2) You have no control on the quality of the kit.
  13. This is a pic of the Type Zero (movie version) posted by someone else.
  14. The drawing for both Mazinkaiser series (first and the new mazinkaiser OVA) is very manga like. I don't know why other robots bother to make an appearance since they usually get "butt kicked" and have Mazinkaiser saving them at the end though Boss is more helpful in the new OVA. In this "vs Daishougun" OVA, Mazinkaiser has a few more weapons. I also like the song by JAM Project.
  15. I am not sure that perfect grade needs to be in any fixed scale such as 1/60. I think it just refers to the amount of details and number of parts the kit has as well as the quality. Surely they can make a PG Type Zero with the same height (size) as a 1/60 Gundam Wing, for example. Obviously, those two models will be in different scales. I am keeping my finger crossed for a MG or PG (wishful thinking?) Type Zero (the movie version)
  16. Patlabor WXIII wasn't that good. I like the first and second movies better. What is even better is Type Zero with LEDs AND the transport vehicle. Another one on my wish list is the PG Ex-S Gundam (proportional). The G-system 1/35 resin is just too big and expensive. (Anyone bought that?). Am I asking too much!? I am not asking for World Peace....
  17. What about Macross 7 trash (did I get the name right?) ? What is it about and how is it? Best attribute?
  18. Thanks. I wish they did make one. I don't have the MG Ingram to build the type zero from. I also don't have the time. Maybe it is time to bug Bandai..... We want Type Zero...we want Type Zero....we want Type zero...........
  19. I heard from the news that John Ritter died from a heart problem which was not discovered. That reminds me of Bill Bixby (the TV HULK) who died from prostate cancer which was discovered too late to be treated.
  20. Not too long ago, I saw this MG Patlabor Type Zero (scratch built ?) model kit from some magazine. I am wondering if anyone has seen it on sale? Just curious.
  21. If you were to choose one best attribute (for lack of a better word) from each of the Macross series/OVA (From Macross to Macross Zero), what would they be!? Perhaps this could be used to form a "Perfect" series/OVA?
  22. I haven't seen the King Pin episode yet, I think it is on next week for us. I am also impressed with the incorporation of human movements into the cartoon characters. It is pretty realistic. Peter has demonstrated his "smart-ass" attitude in the episode I saw. He quickly answered the instructor's question but his attention was really with MJ and Osborne.
  23. The Lizard.....and yes his name is still Dr. Connors.
  24. Phew....I thought I missed more than 100 episodes of the show. I have only seen 1 episode and I am impressed enough to record it. Can't they use the notation such as 1.06 instead!? I thought I was in a coma to have missed so many episodes. I also like the way they show the Spidey's emotions through the eyes, much like in the comic. I haven't followed any comics for a long time, and may be it is time for me to check out the Ultimate Spiderman. This is Electro. He looks like the Silversurfer. They also have a new look for the Lizard and yes, he is literally a lizard. I think it is very nice for them to keep the familiar villains without recycling the looks. I wonder if there will be any new looks for the Carnage and Venom. Having the same clothes is not as bad as having spiderman swinging before the same background. I still watch the classic Spiderman and it still amazes me how "economical" they are, reusing the same background over and over again. They didn't even want to complete the web drawings on the costume......
  25. It's the second season of SEED. Bandai will release the first episode shortly after SEED ends its run. There is a Season 2 of SEED!? Oh my.................. The toys must be doing very well for Bandai to continue it!
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