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  1. hi im after finding a complete listing of macros kits,,, ive seen the one on here but only seems to be 1/72 and there are several kits missing from the list.... so after a more upto date one and with all scales, as do want write off what I do have and can see what need and who does it... also strange ask but is there a site that lists what kits are worth????? as got a wave kit but may sell it but not sure on what its worth??
  2. I did pick up the metallic blue just the other day and is bit to light, but Vallejo now do a metallic medium that you can add to most paints to get the metallic look so may try that route if have to ,,, a pain but all part of the fun I spose lol.... I did pick up a nice dark metallic purple so may use that instead as don't have to be exact. but not sure if to do it wheels down or inflight flying straight up???? thanks for the help model-junkie.
  3. thanks for the info!!!!! bummer that's going be hard to get... I even looked at the mr hobby website and nothing lol.. will have try find a match by sight. I do have two but not sure if to do the other incase there a collectors item
  4. strange how different company's do the same subjects but in different colours lol... lucky I managed to get both hasegawa kits and some other macros bits on ebay cheap and even better were in the uk!!!!!... I just need the vf-19 colour as its a strange one
  5. I did think that at first look but the vf-1 seems to be a metallic blue, and the other the illusive blue/purple lol
  6. thanks martin, yeah for the vf-1 I git the mr hobby metallic blue as looks better than the Tamiya one and got admit do like mr hobby paints.... but the vf-19 is a pain as I did think was a metallic purple but looking its more a blue???
  7. hi nzeod its the hasegawa vf-19 25th anniversary kit, the scheme is all one colour and has it listed as 169????? did try match but not very well as it seem to be a very dark blue !!!!! I do have vf-1 also as believe they only did these two on the special edition but that one seems to be a metallic blue??
  8. hi all recently won 2 of these on ebay cheap and im stuck on the paint charts a it gives gsi colours(mr hobby) . I have most of them but I can not find 163marine blue micro anywhere??? ive looked at mr hobby site and not very helpful even looked at places like hlj and lucky model.. so if anyone knows where/ what colour this is be great......
  9. stunning work, looks fantastic, that weathering looks stunning would love to know how did it????? great build...
  10. looks great, very nice work and great finish....
  11. looks superb, some very nice detail work, the panel washes look great cant wait to see the finished build!!!!!1
  12. the weathering on your gerwalk looks fantastic, look forward seeing some more pics???
  13. hi Im interested!!! do we know prices ????
  14. that's looks fantastic, some very nice weathering .... if only mine were that good!!!!!
  15. stunning work,, fantastic job on the paint and weathering... looks awesome
  16. looking forward to seeing full videos from the show!!!!!
  17. stunning work, looks great very nice job on the paint and finish
  18. stunning build, looks fantastic.... superb job on the paint and that weathering looks amazing!!!!!!
  19. very nice work, looks great nice work
  20. batcode


    superb build, looks great nice job
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