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  1. After a couple weeks waiting, Roy now is facing the Andes Mountains, wondering and wishing the best to his benefactor (and military supplier) Thanks a lot Ignacio Ocamica, you are a wonderful human being micronian
  2. Honest question: If the SV-51 was designed for atmospheric conditions, and therefore no atmospheric re-entry, can it still be called "heat shield"?
  3. Oh, I like this game! So Marry SV-262, Kill VF-171, and F Harmony Gold But in a more serious note: F: VF-0D G: SV-51 (you know you want those flapping wings) B: YF-19
  4. Arkham

    Bandai DX VF-31

    Really sorry to interrupt this "amazing" blue discussion (jk, I love it).... but does this "Kai" version includes the Super Parts, or they have to be bought separately? Thanks
  5. Arkham

    Bandai DX VF-31

    Sorry a bit off topic. Do you pay any tax or fees in the US for importing stuff like this from Japan?
  6. Ty so much!
  7. Sigh, amiami NEW 262 is no longer available I'm seeing Mandarake now... it says " Condition Unopened, package damaged Has anyone used Mandarake before and can ship in about what to expect from that phrase? Also, since there is tons of stores to choose, any particular one to avoid or to prefer when it comes to international shipping? Thanks!
  8. Arkham

    Bandai DX VF-31

    Hey folks, Could someone answer a few questions regarding this announcement: - What's "Kai version" ? (something like "Premiun Finish" or "Extra detailed" ?) - Is this a reissue? Can we expect the other VF-31 to receive this treatment? Thanks!
  9. Thanks man. See this is the things that get me all nervous and paranoic.... cause those prices are around 19k and I'm seeing Amiami (brand new) at 17k (http://www.amiami.com/top/detail/detail?gcode=FIGURE-023079) Am I missing something here, maybe it's another "version" or "release", or a completely different toy alltogether? (halp!)
  10. Hello folks, Maybe a bit off topic, but I've set my mind on acquiring this beautiful valk, so the only question remains... where from? it's not listed in hlj, but it is in amiami. I don't really know that much, so wondering what are good options to get this Draken III (and "yes", I would love to get the draklings, pods and sword) Thanks!
  11. Articulate statues, ok?
  12. Oh, I'm not throwing away anything.. I know how it feels...
  13. Yeah, while I have no idea of times, I do have the funny feeling that the YF-19 is the one with lowest probabilities of reissue (wans't it reissue a year ago?) The Zero's may come in a combo with SV-51 and/or the QD-2200 Ghosts Here's hoping... Does anyone knows if Arcadia has rights for other Macross series? Frontier, Delta?
  14. would this work? http://www.yetistand.com/product/yamato-1-60-vf-17-adapter
  15. Hi folks, As I said in another thread, I joined late to the party and most Valks that I would like to order, are already sold out, and just obtainable with stratospheric prices in sites like Ebay Question: Do companies re-issue or reprint their valks from time to time? or should I just buy them because their prices are just going to keep going up? Was looking at stuff like YF-19, VF-0[D,A,S] Thoughts from the more "experienced" users would be greatly appreciated
  16. woops, I already ordered ^^ but I think what I got should be enough YetiStand Alpha Pegged (adds six 5mm peg holes) 2 @ $47.00 / $94.00 YA Banking Adapter $5.00 YA Standing Adapter $5.00 Yamato/Arcadia 1/60 "V2" VF-1 Series Adapter $5.00 I decided to include the adapter, to check what's the difference between the original and Yeti's Btw, is there a way to "track" the order? or will I get an email once it's moving?
  17. Ohh, thanks for pointing it out, I was missing that important detail, the base is not included with the "starter" kit... So, if I have absolutely nothing, I should start with the Yeti Beta I guess, and then add any adapters for the valk...
  18. Thanks man. Looks like Yeti's will be the the option to go, and I'm happy money stays in the community ^^ It's definitely cheaper than those Yamato launchers, and seems to be worth what they cost. Lol still trying to find that thread, with no luck Would love to see some more pictures...
  19. Thank you Mr. Slave! Does look very nice indeed. Do you mind if I ask you some questions about it? (you said "or anyone else") As a complete noob, I think I would obviously start with the Arcadia starter kit: http://www.yetistand.com/product/arcadia-macross-stand-starter-kit Do I need some sort of extra-adapter to display it in Fighter mode? (or any mode for that matter) The VF-1S does come with some "extra pieces" that I think are for that purpose (bottom left), but not sure if they would work with Yeti's
  20. Greetings chaps, I currently own a VF-1S 1/60 from Arcadia, and already thinking on expanding my "collection". I've seen several... SEVERAL of those display stands, some transparents, other looking like a Macross crane.... I would like to ask to the more experienced users, what is compatible with what, and how does it work? I've seen some very nice looking ones but they are on a 1/48 scale too big, or 1/72 too small There are other on a 1/60 scale but made from a different company than Arcadia Any particular recomendation based on stability, "gripping" (Honestly, no idea how does it hold it), I would really appreciate Thanks! TL;DR: What display stand would work for this https://hlj.com/product/ACA82128
  21. Don't jinx it... local mail can still screw this one. I'll post pictures as soon as it arrives
  22. Ty will do! Probably a shorter version of this =]
  23. (Note to mods: I read a bit rules and FAQs and was unable to pinpoint the best place to post this, as it would fit several other forums, feel free to remove/move/edit this post if required and apologies in advance) Just a few days ago I joined this wonderful world/club of "Valkyrie owner", with a very nice Arcadia 1/60 VF-1S (w/ Strike Parts). The lovely folks at my country customs decided to remove the Gunpod... and now I'm sad I've contacted HLJ, but since the product is SoldOut/Discontinued, they can't help on the matter, and looks Arcadia only deals with Japanese customers. What are my options? - So far I've scoured every buy/sell website or forums (including this one), and unable to find someone selling it (Yamato's would be "compatible" with Arcadia, right?) - Are "spare parts" or replacement service where I could buy one? - Has anyone 3D-printed it? - Any other options that you can come up to help in this situation? - To the mods, should I x-post this to other forums like Workshop? (didn't want to spam) Any help, tip or suggestion would be greatly appreciated, thanks!
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