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  1. So managed to get around to checking my Haslab Victory Saber, especially given all the issues I've been reading about lately. Thankfully aside some paint spray here and there I think I lucked out and nothing wrong so am happy with him. Hope they improve things with deathsaurus.
  2. so this is like an unlicensed repo right? Kenner was bought by Hasbro right so won't they just stop on this or they don't care. Heck why Hasbro doesn't do a run even limited or a haslab is bizarre.
  3. he sold out pretty quick on the UK site after he went up - I was on fence then missed out. You based UK? I was in a Smyths Toys and they are carrying the Velocitron line too. I saw like a dozen Cosmos (out of stock on Pulse UK) but sadly no Scourge yet - but worth checking.
  4. I saw the 1st in 3D in the cinema and was blown away since it was filmed to be in 3D. I still enjoy it overall in 2D too. This sequel, just feels like the same of the 1st, just moved the plot away into the ocean now. i.e. Navi happy, humans come back, want unatainium or whataver , big fight, Navii win, queue Avater 3. Will probably still watch it but hope it brings something new.
  5. PSA some new pre orders dropped on Hasbro Pulse SS86 Junkheap SS86 Sludge SSBB Ironhide SSBB Arcee
  6. I managed to snag one from Mandarake after release. I'm based in UK and shipping is pretty quick from there for me. I missed out on pre-orders so paid a bit more for it. I wanted to how Starscream turned out before jumping. Hope yours come soon.
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