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  1. I saw the 1st in 3D in the cinema and was blown away since it was filmed to be in 3D. I still enjoy it overall in 2D too. This sequel, just feels like the same of the 1st, just moved the plot away into the ocean now. i.e. Navi happy, humans come back, want unatainium or whataver , big fight, Navii win, queue Avater 3. Will probably still watch it but hope it brings something new.
  2. PSA some new pre orders dropped on Hasbro Pulse SS86 Junkheap SS86 Sludge SSBB Ironhide SSBB Arcee
  3. I managed to snag one from Mandarake after release. I'm based in UK and shipping is pretty quick from there for me. I missed out on pre-orders so paid a bit more for it. I wanted to how Starscream turned out before jumping. Hope yours come soon.
  4. Hikaru decided he had enough of VFs and took Thundercracker for a spin.
  5. quick question for folks who have the VF 1D. Does the cockpit instrument panel come off easy? I was checking mine, put Hikaru inside cockpit and notified the black block of the instruments moved. Pulled and whole thing came off. It's not broken or anything maybe a case of missing glue or something. It slides in time and is ok. Just curious if this is a common thing?
  6. Loving the MP seekers managed to get a full squad and my first time having all 3
  7. so managed to get around to unboxing MP-53 Skids and thought the collector card was thicker than normal then realised I had two in the box! Has anyone else ever gotten 2 of the same thing in a box? This happend with my SS86 Sweeps. It had two instructions in the box. just interesting.
  8. TT website updated with info and details of MPG-01 Shouki https://tf.takaratomy.co.jp/tf_mpg/mpg-01/ Size wise is MP size to cars:
  9. MPG-01 Shouki and other stuff now on AE https://anime-export.com/index.php?product=54133 I'ts quite iron I was talking about stands the other day then they annouced those floating ones
  10. Transformers MPG-01 Shouki PO up on Amazon JP if anyone interested: https://www.amazon.co.jp/-/en/dp/B09HQPF13X/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=トランスフォーマーmpg-01&qid=1633549884&sr=8-1
  11. Ya seems a lacking thing tbh - an official stand accessory would be awesome! indeed. Love the reviews btw keep em coming. RE: VS - I've backed him but kinda wondering if even the 1st stretch goal would be reached. tbh it would be great with all the extras. Though I'm on the fence if it doesn't. Guess will see. Oh interesting, I will have to watch that as think I missed that one. Cheers.
  12. So, I was looking at some Tamashi Stage Act stands I have for some Bandai HMR Valks and noticed the stand seems like 5mm plug. Looked at the Studio Series '86 figures on the shelf, Hot Rod / Jazz and see they have a port could be useful for a stand. Tried it out and surprisingly seems to fit, not sure exact size, but doesn't seem to big or small. Anyway thought was interesting. Hot Rod doing a Trinity ala Matrix Revolutions Attached to Stand
  13. Just an AE notification in stock
  14. Just for fun another top down top shot comparison with G1 (Encore) Starscream, MP-52, and MP-11 Starscream. On a side note hearing about cracks I checked the same joint under the feet and I can see some stress marks on mine and I haven't even transformed it yet doh. In the middle the dark grey peg above the blue, can see bit stress white mark.
  15. damn sorry hear about the hairline crack. Hopefully it's OK, just checked mine and out the box I noticed some stress marks that area sigh.
  16. hadn't noticed it might be the photo itself. I need check and compare with my MP11
  17. MP Starscream 2.0 just arrived for me from AJP. All in all looks fine and box not crushed and no cracks etc. He seems pretty cool to me and pretty swooshible. I agree that under carriage kibble that hides canopy seems kinda out place but not big deal to me. Quick top down pic to add to the other pics.
  18. This is kinda slow video - but shows of the MP 2.0 Screamer transformation, etc, video by Takara
  19. sorry hear about that - I've had a good experience with then. only time was when I wanted to cancel something which is slightly different. cheers
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