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  1. Up for sale is my old Custom Ikea display cabinet I used for my macross collection. Info: 2 custom Ingo cabinets with lights, added a center strip, screw them together, put some base around the bottom and trim on the top to make one cabinet. Everything can still be separated. Size 13" deep 34-1/2" wide 71" tall and heavy.. Sold!! Thanks!! I'm located in Montgomery County Maryland.
  2. I finally pull mine back out of the box to put it on display. I didn't even have to touch the one black triangle it just fell apart by me looking at it. Yep POS...
  3. In fact I do have a few macross7 valks still in there boxes. I just didn't have any room for them in the old cabinet.
  4. I got a new Ikea Billy case and did a little bit of custom work to it to make it look better. I should have it done tonight.
  5. Preparing to move my collection from its old cabinet to its new display case.
  6. VF5SS would be the one to contact about designing a shapeways replacement part.
  7. Has anyone contacted VF5SS about designing a replacement part yet?
  8. oh no not this again!!! I'm starting to have flash backs of the 100's of YF-19 neck hinge recasts I made...
  9. Don't forget about shapeways replacement shoulder hinge.
  10. Just some quick shots... All I can say is Beautiful.......
  11. Correction, mine has been delivered. That was fast!
  12. Mine left New York customs this morning and should be here tomorrow :-)
  13. Not really panic buys (well just the VF-19F was) just a few things I've pick up over the last month..
  14. Well I didn't want to be left out so now I have a VF-19F Emerald Force on the way..... and maybe a few more things
  15. Those have been on sale for weeks now and are not part of there black friday sale.
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