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  1. Seeing the price drop on them over the last few weeks, I finally jumped on one.
  2. I've been waiting a long time to find this one and for only $96!!
  3. Man that is sweet looking. I can't wait for mine to get here.
  4. This thread should be switched over to a poll vote.
  5. I had a few dealings with MacrossMan over the years. MW lost a good guy.. RIP..... Corey "MacrossMan"
  6. Thanks.. I couldn't pass up that deal on ebay with free shipping. Had some luck with me on that one!
  7. New stuff And I just scooped up a VF-19s Emerald Force for $125!
  8. It's not really a blue light. The camera just doesn't pick up the LED's cool white color that good.
  9. I just received my 30th Anniversary valk from Hobby Search today.
  10. lol yeah I think it's time to retire that old amp....
  11. Yeah I've been trying for a while to get one for a decent price.
  12. Ah yes the old stealth still my all time favorite......
  13. Speaking of Ikea furniture, Here is my new custom billy display cabinet.
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