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  1. I've been going through this thread and admiring everyone's collections and decided I wanted better lighting for my curio that houses some of my collection. The top down LED light was just not doing what I wanted as I put more collectibles on the shelves. Lots of shadows. I decided I want to do some LED lighting, but many of the pictures I saw had bright LED spots and I wanted more of an even light. I noticed some people used diffusers, but the LEDs are so spread apart that you can still see the LED diodes as dots. I recently went to Lowe's to pick up some other supplies and spent time looking at the LED strips they had. One caught my attention. The top one looks like it has two types of LEDs (W - White? and CW - Cool White?) and the bottom black one has one type of LED but spaced farther apart. The middle one caught my attention because it looks like a solid piece of LED. If you look closely, there are actually several LEDs under the yellow strip, but they are compacted really closely together. The yellow covering seems to be some sort of built in diffuser. It's not cheap ($59.99), but it comes with power adapter, dimmer, 2 wire connectors (~2 inch wires), and 2 straight connectors. The light emits 4000k at 50W total if using the entire 16.4ft. I bought 1 and installed it last night. It looks amazing and bright, but I'm still fiddling with my collection to get good placement and pictures. A little research on the internet shows the product I bought is COB (Chip on Board) vs SMD (Surface Mounted Device) and is fairly new to the market. Anyone else here looking into LED lighting and know more about this COB type LED light strip?
  2. Interesting that you caught that. There are two groups releasing 704x396 RAWs: Shinsen-Subs and Zero-Raws. Being a RAW, they don't include the subtitles. I'm actually grabbing these versions because they play better with the highest quality I can get on my 6 year old machines (higher resolution is choppy). These RAWs are released before the subtitled versions and I use the soft-subs to watch the episodes with English subs by the weekend. Also interesting as I haven't played with the scripts for Avisynth and I was thinking of giving up on my PSP for watching episodes again on the plane. I'll have to play with this as well. Thanks!
  3. I ususally download the RAW files and take the subtitles from one of the groups (mostly GG and Gatai). I noticed the RAW files use the MBS versus the TBS version that the groups use which means the subtitles are a little off after the opening. So I opened one of them and found the tags that indicate they use Aegisub to create the subs. This program is freeware so I downloaded it and it can play the video while reviewing the subs frame by frame. I then highlight the subs I want moved and then move the video to the correct point. One click on the toolbar and all the subs are offsetted so they match with the video. That's enough for me to play with the subtitles for a little while to retime them and it's usually less than one hour. So what you need for DVD is to convert the ASS (stylized subtitles) to a simple SRT format. This is actually harder to do since you have to make decisions on what you will keep from the Karaoke and some of the text doesn't fit for really long parts. I have a cheap Phillips DVD player from Costco that can play the 704x396 video if I convert the ASS to SRT without having to convert the video. I used this as a test and found my subs getting cut off at the edges because the text was too long. It was at this point that I decided it would take too long for me to do so I just dusted off my HTPC and put the files on there to playback on my TV. One thing I miss is the comments on the proper text to use for the subtitles. I could take that feedback and just edit the ASS files easily to correct translation issues. But that's a side topic... So it can be done, but I just don't have the time to go through it all. In summary, download the RAW, download the ASS files, convert the ASS to SRT, then convert using your favorite tool (like TMPEG) to create DVD VOB files.
  4. No, I ordered during the 1 hour and 50 minute window. I just paid my coworker for it when I picked it up on my last trip to Japan.
  5. Wow! I was quoted! For those of you curious, I did get mine and that's what it cost me (19425 yen plus dinner for my coworkers). Still sitting in it's box after being in the overhead bin on the trip back. Probably going to stay there a while too, just like all my other valks.
  6. I think I got one. 商品名   :1/48完全変形版VF-1S ウェザリング 特別仕様 (この商品は予約商品です) 価格    :18,690 円 個数    :1 個 -------------------------------------- 小計金額  :18,690 円 ====================================== 送料:735 円 総合計金額 :19,425 円 Google translation: Product Name: 1 / 48 scale VF-1S special UEZARINGU (This product is the product reservations.) Price: 18,690 yen Qty: 1 -------------------------------------- Subtotal Amount: 18,690 Yen ====================================== Shipping: 735 yen Overall total amount: 19,425 Yen Just waiting for the shipping notice/payment request. I owe some very nice friends a very nice dinner.
  7. Here are a few other tips to go along with your shopping: There is a special "discount package" for foreigners on the Narita Express. You show them your passport and they give you a ticket for the NEX and 1500 yen on a Suica card for 3500 yen total. The Suica is a rail pass with a sensor so you just wave it over the turnstile and it deducts the fee automatically. So the normal prices for NEX to Shinjuku is 3100 yen. For 400 yen more, you get 1500 yen free to travel the JR Line around the greater Tokyo area. Here is a link to the site so you can see the details: Suica & NEX Also realize the dollar has dropped considerably. HLJ sells the MH Ride Armors for 5800 yen. That's now $58. 100 yen = $1. I've found several online stores that sell it for almost the same price, but much less shipping. Also, I looked for all over Yokohama for the MH just a week after they came out. They were out everywhere including Yodabashi. Based on some other threads in here, Akiba has raised their prices to 11000 yen. I didn't make it to Akiba on this trip as my business needs were very demanding. Don't let that stop you from going to Yodabashi. Yodabashi discounts nearly everything by 10% and these are new items. Last time I was in Akiba, I learned to ask if the toy was new or used. Many toys look new, but were previously owned. Akiba still has a lot of great stores to search through. I really like the gashapon as I can pick the ones I want instead of leaving it up to chance with the gashapon machines. They make great desktop toys. Have fun shopping!
  8. Minmays are ~$5 each. I just bought some in the store. Custom heads, I don't know.
  9. Question: How well have these been selling? Answer: I've been in Japan for business this week (unfortunately no time to visit any MWers this time) and found a store with a new stock of Yamato toys. They had 4 Stealth, 2 Super Stealth, and about 20 VF-0S on Monday night. By Thursday night, they had 3 Stealth, 1 Super Stealth (with a big dent in the box) and 4 VF-0S. I bought mine from them and don't expect the rest to last the weekend. They also have some stands and it looks like the black stands are selling better than the silver ones.
  10. udon is where it's at... not ramen. When you've eaten ramen dry out of the package for a month straight while living out of a car you will know why it's worth the extra quarter for the good noodles 374335[/snapback] Ah dry ramen, just add water! Yup, I used to eat Top Ramen and Cup-O-Noodles all the time in college. I avoid them as much as possible nowadays. If you've never had true Japanese ramen, you are missing out on a real noodle experience. Fresh ramen has a soy sauce base, pork base, or miso base soup that has been stewing all morning. The noodles are fresh and cooked just right (firm and not soggy). They throw in extra ingredients like pork slices, seaweed, half a boiled egg, etc. Of course there's a price difference as well. It's easy to spend $8 - $10 a bowl for ramen. Also, within the San Francisco area, I've found 3 good ramen places just like Japan, though I think Japan still has the best ramen. ITADAKIMASU!
  11. A big thank you to SaveRobotech for taking me and my coworker around Akihabara! I wish we had more time as it would have been nice to sit and chat with you a little more. My 1/48 GBP and 1J have made it safely back to the states. The last time I was in Akihbara, I went to Hobby Figure (1 of 3, the other two using a Japanese text which I only assume is Hobby Figure) and found one that took MC as I did not have the full amount of cash on me. Upon going back with SaveRobotech, this same store had marked up the 1/48 Max from 14000 to 25000 yen. I should have probably bought it when I saw it. Also thanks to SaveRobotech for helping me find the store with the cheapest price on the 1/48 GBP. I would have not found that store you took us to on my own and would probably have spent more time running around looking and may have even missed it. I plan to go back around April/May for more work. I'll try to plan some free time in there, but the best time is usually the day we rush home. I'll let you know when I'm in the area again and maybe we'll have time to get some ramen (another favorite of mine ).
  12. Big F, I finally made it back to Japan and have some native Japanese speakers that can translate store names for me. Problem is, I don't know which stores you need translation for? I'll be making a stop in Akihabara on my way back to the airport to get some last minute Macross goodies. I'm hoping to pickup a 1/48 GBP at least.
  13. I happen to be in Japan this week as well, leaving today. I wanted to go to Akihabara, but I just couldn't find the time to head up there from Akihabara (too much work to do). I did pick up a 1/48 Roy and Strike/Super packs at Toys-R-Us for regular prices (13,000 yen and 5,000 yen respectively). I was in Akihabara in July and they had some good prices on 1/48 Max and Millia Supers, but I was still buying my 1/60 at that time. 3 or 4 stores had them, but only one store took credit cards. The rest were ATM or cash only. BTW, the CM figures are available at Toy-R-Us for 549 yen. That's less than $5 each. Thanks to this thread, I'll know where to go when I come back in January.
  14. Ahh! One month too early! I'm suppose to head to Japan at the end of Sept. Last month, I picked up a Millia Q-Rau and VF-1J GBP for $87 total (not counting the JR Line cost to get there and back to the hotel). I've decided to start getting 1/48s and was planning to pick some up anyway. Hope there's some left at the end of next month. I also debated checking cases on my flights back. I usually only bring a carry-on and to protect my toys, I ended up checking the carry on and put the Yamato boxes in the overhead bin. If I could figure out some way to bubble wrap and box the valks while there...
  15. A second nomination for Kaizen for the SS list. I met with Kaizen for the other VF-1S Strike (1/60) and everything went really well! This guy is the real deal. I even got lost on the way and he helped me find the meeting place. Thanks Kaizen and best of luck to you!
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