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  1. why o why do kids these days equate new with automatically better? Heres a fun fact for you young people, the quality of animation is not a function of its age, it is a function of the hard work of the animators. Hard work was around a long time before you were even born. ipods, digital high definition, also worse than their predecessors. Lots of stuff is worse now than it was. Standards have gone down if anything.
  2. Nice MII knowledge Seto Kaiba, I`m looking forward to your redesigned site. I rewatched MII subtitled for the first time in a while today, it truly is the most authentic Macross sequel to me. No other sequel feels like Macross imho.
  3. Saw Hulkamania in Sydney last weekend. Was a great American style show but Hulk himself was showing his age and all the wrestlers had to change their names from their WWE etc ones because the tour isnt affiliated.
  4. I was lucky enough to pick up an AES from a Hard Off in Japan a few years ago for $25, only with one arcade stick however. I scoured every Hard Off in Western Kanto got another 6 common games for about $4 each, then I went to Mandrake in Nakano and got King of Fighters `96 and then to Super Potato in Akihabara and got Metal Slug 4. My holy grail is Metal Slug X but the price is just too nuts right now. My suggestion to less OCD Metal Slug fans is to get a Wii, the Metal Slug collection and the official Neo Geo arcade stick available for Wii in Japan. Its an exact replica of the AES stick but plugs into the Wii. I also suggest not getting a Neo Geo CD, the load times are terrible.
  5. I think some people are misunderstanding my use of the word hack. I mean hack as in amateur, not as in hacking up a work so it is different from the original. but whatever.... The Macross II continuity sits better with me. While Macross II isn`t perfect, the Nue continuity just has too much goofy stuff that doesn`t sync well with the original series imho. The poster who had the two continuity theories places FB 2012 in with the Nue continuity but theres no reason it can`t be in the MII continuity. Perhaps in the MII continuity mankinds` attempts to colonise space werent so successful and emigration/exploration fleets were destroyed by the Zentraudi or were MIA like the Megaroad in Nue continuity? Macross II strong points include the mecha, character designs and the music. The story wasn`t great but I too am looking forward to Gubaba`s far future translations of the novels. My dream come true would be if Big West decided to dump studio Nue and Kawamori and his desire for the fate of the original trio to remain a mystery and independently developed a full length series chronicling the voyage of the Megaroad into deep space and its encounters with the Protoculture and the Supervision Army, all set in MII continuity. I`d like to see a lot of staff from Legend of the Galactic Heroes involved to keep it mostly serious and avoid any comedy valkyries or moe.
  6. I got it off that Macross direct download page.
  7. Thankyou Gubaba, do you know the pinyin for the name? I`m no expert but it sounds like Cantonese to me?
  8. I have a copy of DYRL sung in Chinese, I was wondering who the singer is. Thanks.
  9. Snipers don`t move when they`re taking a shot. They try to move as little as possible when taking a shot. Correct me, I may be wrong but didnt Hikaru use the additional jet boosters on the fan jet to maneuver in space? I love everything Itano said in that interview. Sure MF looked pretty but it wasn`t really Macross in a lot of ways, the main being pandering to lame moe trends.
  10. I`m 31 and the same way as you, Peter. When I saw Robotech in `85 I literally cried when the last episode aired. So theres definately nostalgia. But the series definately has an authentic, non mass produced and non commercial quality about it. You can tell it was made with love and passion and I respect that. It was also made in an era when Japan was mega rich, gritty robot dramas were popular and people had more creative freedom. For every few crappy scenes that were made in SDF because of time constraints theres a beautiful scene that kicks the ass of anything on TV out there today. why waste money on all these poor imitations of the original when theres so much original series product to collect? Its better to keep a collection focused when you dont have an unlimited budget. My personal canon doesnt include M plus, M7, MF or M0. They never happened as far as I`m concerned. They didnt hold my interest at all so why bother? MII and certain video games are in my personal canon however. As a OG series purist I`m personally looking forward to Gubaba`s translation project and my next trip to every Mandrake in Tokyo. Just pick and choose what you like, didnt Kawamori say that each Macross show now exists on a different plain of Macross reality to avoid continuity arguments or something?
  11. I can easily see tons of lonely Japanese salarymen or public servants buying this with their next bonus (All Japanese full time employees receive an average of 2 months salary as a bonus twice yearly). Thats mostly why you see so many Japanese nobodys with expensive gear and possessions.
  12. I didn`t know that. Any amateur hack could take out the endings and openings of a title and repackage it as a completely different title to resell to dumb fans. Like me for example, before this thread. Manga video ARE hacks as in amateurs. Official Japan releases only please.
  13. I wasnt using `hack` in the sense of hacking off parts of the stories but as in amateur. Compared to Mac Plus Movie Edition which had new animation and a streamlined continuity it was a hack job. Any hack could make MII the movie with two VCRs.
  14. I think you`re right, yahoo auctions, jp wikipedia and amazon.co.jp yielded no MII movie editions for me.
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