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  1. Sweet! I just got my mitts on a G-suit and I'm bidding on a US Navy MA-2 Torso harness. I'm also going to get a set of football pads to mod like you did. Hopefully this'll work out.
  2. You've done me a great service, my friend. OH! I just found an awesome pic of my Michel Blanc cosplay online today. Next time I'm getting a wig instead of gelling my hair. That was brutal and it made my normally bright hair darker Q~Q http://25.media.tumblr.com/ac39178093eafb87c6fa4d5f88b90263/tumblr_mshfs9xbWv1sn809zo2_1280.jpg
  3. What I would love to do is put together a TSV-40 flight suit, or as most might call it, the VF-X flight suit. http://www.macrossnewhorizon.org/mediawiki/images/thumb/6/62/TSV-40-Mk1.jpg/148px-TSV-40-Mk1.jpg The only thing is, there's not too much lineart of it that I could find, so I might end up substituting some parts with the Macross Plus flight suit designs.
  4. Ach- if only I lived out in California or this were closer. I'd be there in a heartbeat. This is probably the only con that would get the VF-X pilot cosplay I'm trying to put together
  5. I can't wait to see how some of the voice work turned out. My friend and I were up late last night tooling around with our Michel and Ozma cosplays to get them ready. See you there!
  6. I wonder how hard it would be to get a TSV-40 helmet made? (The one from Digital Mission VF-X) Such a cool flight suit. http://sketchleystats.webatu.com/Statistics/Flightsuits/unif_2048_vf.jpg
  7. So, any Ace Combat fans in here? I'm kinda torn on what I think of Ace Combat Legacy...I mean, I have enough hope to make a fantrailer for it, but, still...Strangereal meats RL? I dunno. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z5TWl1nQtYo&feature=youtu.be <- Just in case anyone is interested in the trailer I made for it.
  8. Looks awesome! I love the helmets. I did a Macross Zero flight suit a while back, but we couldn't afford G-suits. Where did you get Roy's helmet? Pic related, it's my friend as Shin. Oops, forgot to add the picture.
  9. I didn't myself, that was what other players had come up with. I just sorta...Drew it because it's a cool concept
  10. Komilia Jenius vs. Lott Sheen- 2054 In the Macross New Horizon roleplay, Lott Sheen and Komilia Jenius (from Macross 2036) appear as they would in the canon series, had they been created for it. Macross 2036, being the prequel to Macross II was not deemed canon, having Komilia being born 10 years later than she was in the TV series, and Lott as of yet has not been shown in the canon timeline. However, these two characters appear in their 40s-50s as commanders of both the UN Spacy Fighter Command (Komilia) and the Anti-United Nations forces (Lott), whereas in Macross 2036, they were squadronmates of around 16 and 17. The two craft featured in this image are Komilia’s VF-19S Excalibur, used heavily by Emerald force in “Macross 7”, and Lott’s SV-52 Eagle II, which is a development of the SV-51 of “Macross Zero” fame. It is upgraded with modern engines and avionics among several other upgrades, and is frequently used for air racing in “Macross The Ride”. Lott, looking for a new personal fighter, modified one of the finely tuned racers for combat and uses it to great effect against the UN Spacy and it’s more modern variable fighters. More information on the fan versions of Komilia and Lott: http://www.macrossnewhorizon.org/mediawiki/index.php/Lott_Sheen http://www.macrossnewhorizon.org/mediawiki/index.php/Komilia_Jenius
  11. I really wish I could go to the one on the west coast.
  12. I'm putting together a cosplay of Michel Blanc. I hope to find a girl to be Klan :3
  13. We should have a midwest and Eastern Macrossworld con
  14. Any fans south of Buffalo in New York state? We could chill out, watch macross, drink Dr. Peppers and high five.
  15. I posted these in another thread when I didn't really know about this cosplay thread, but I figured it might be appropriate for me to put them here. ANYWAY! My friend and I went to both Tekkoshocon and Tora-Con as Roy and Shin from Macross Zero. Being a tall blonde guy I decided to try my hand at being Roy. http://imgur.com/DNEgWLc,X7cmSHM,CLzH0az Overall, for my first Macross cosplay, I'm relatively proud of it but I wish I had more of a budget to improve certain things; have an actual flight harness, better shoulder pads, improved helmets, etc. I plan on doing a cosplay of SDF Roy from the TV version at some point and right now I'm trying to figure out a good way to make the flight suit. Wish me luck!
  16. Oh, I'll be physically dead before I let this thing die!
  17. Kyle/Kaifun is such an abusive jerk! Nice job capturing his coldness, man!
  18. Hm...should I make a Roy flight suit from SDF or his dress uniform...?

  19. Alright, little update, everyone. Despite being busy as hell at college, I have indeed been taking a lot of the advice you all have been giving me, and I'm working with a few other people to really WRITE something good. A lot of changes are being made for this, and I have you all to thank for it. I fancy myself as a more technical kind of person when it comes to writing instead of a dramatic kind of person, so that's why I'm getting help from others. Again, thank you all so much for interest in this project! Lets all work together and MAKE SOMETHING AWESOME!
  20. Awesome stuff! It makes me want to show you my VF-1 pilot >.<
  21. A little comic I made using a few OCs from the Macross: New Horizon roleplay explaining the importance of the ascots used in the Macross 7 era uniforms. Check out my tumblr for more Macross related stuff!
  22. Hey guys, I'm glad you like the cosplays. I've got a few more photos I'll upload and I'll be sure to get a few of my helmet at some point. http://sphotos-b.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-snc6/179026_10151355547361569_1581752616_n.jpg <---still cursing myself for forgetting to take my badge off /)_= http://sphotos-b.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-prn1/562356_10151355531766569_428957477_n.jpg
  23. So, my friend and I went to a con dressed as Shin and Roy. I noticed that there aren't any other Zero cosplays out there I could find, so we were proud to make what we believe to be the first ones. There are OBVIOUS flaws we may fix if our budgets increase. We are doing the same cosplays at Tekkoshocon in two weeks.
  24. Well, that's why I posted it here, for all of you to read and help me improve it
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