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    CMs Limited Ver

    I haven't seen them in person so I wouldn't know... but somehow, the limited versions don't seem to look as good as normal ones. I think this set is rare and high in price only for the sake of being rare...
  2. Yeap... there is one. Just like Hikaru, Roy has his bangs that can be attached when wearing his helmet.
  3. I say you just pre-order them. Considering what has been out so far, this guy can't be wrong.
  4. STARBLAZERS POPY YAMATO BPX-01 BANDAI ......................$588 Captain Harlock ARCADIA Battler Ship Yamato Chogokin .......+$120 Why are they so expensive? Aren't they just the detailed metal chunk? Do they have any gimmicky functions that I don't know of that warrants such price?
  5. I saw them being sold at about $60+ on ebay...
  6. isn't it subjective? I've seen up to 75 dollars for "pay now" at ebay, but I doubt anyone is buying it... I don't know how rare this item is but I think it all depends on how badly you want it... I personally wouldn't pay more than $20 (though I would pay more for minmay figure in the first series) and I guess that is why I don't have it. But it is just my standards...
  7. question

    CM figure opinion

    I got 3 minmays (1 solid and 2 clear) the other day and realized that there are different shades in the special version (clear hair)... One of the figures has (significantly) darker shade of clear blue that it actally looks really nice; dark enough to hide forhead and other internal structures, but translucent enough to give that mystic feel to it. In general I like the solid color but in this particualar case, I liked this clear one a lot better than the solid one. I wish I had a digital camera... I wonder if this is true for other figures... By the way, if you try mylene's head on other figures (mainly minmay or ishtar), it looks pretty nice, especially on ishtar. If you set her head on Ishtar at the right angle, her flowing front hair rests on Ishtar's left arm. It looks just cool and the color matching is good too. On the side note, Ishtar is little too naked for me. I feel uncomfortable to display or keep her... I am trying to sell this figure. Let me know if you are interested.
  8. I bought two figures from other place and first one was Hikaru (normal) second one was Minmay (clear), which I am very happy with. I am still waiting for J-station shippment. I realize that first figures are not as tight-fitting as secound sets, but I am really happy with the Minmay figure.
  9. I guess this wasn't that good of a news... Now I am little worried about the security stuff. I didn't think about it. As far as the product is concerned, I think it will be okay. I found an online store that still had may in stock from last year and I was actually trying to buy these figures from there (little over 6 dollars). But it turns out that a customer before me bought 20 box sets, which was J-station, and they ran out. So I had to purchase from J-station... Oh well... I hope my identity doesn't get stolen. Do you know how bad it is to use non-scure sites to purchase stuff?
  10. This may be a bad news for those who've been planning to sell their collection... But I've found a store where you can still buy first sets at a cheap price (not opened of course)! http://jsanime.com/jsa/ I have just placed my order. I thought many of you may be interested...
  11. Next the Zeong, you can see Kado series gundams... Next to the Hiyaku shiki, is it a Gundma MkII? Does it mean our next Kado senshi gundam is MKII?
  12. Unless you are in love with the process of making models, I don't really recommend it... I've made PG zeta before. It was fun to build, but not much happened after that. I just posed him. And that was it.
  13. Thank you guys all
  14. I have few questions... 1. Who is Rohby 2. How do I contact him 3. How much is it 4. any pictures? Thank you.
  15. Alameda,CA. latitude 37° 46' 12" longitude -122° 15' 24"
  16. Chris, That looks really nice... do you have more pictures by any chance? Did you actually paint it the whole kit or did you just do the lining?
  17. Does anyone got this guy yet? Is it any good? It looks really beautiful.
  18. Are any of you from bay area near SF? I can't find MP anywhere (east bay that is). All target seems to be sold out, and I can't even find a tag in walmart... Do any of you know when walmart might get some? Also, side note, do you know if Takara will be releasing color variations for this guy? All black or black and red (scourge color) will be very nice...
  19. question

    1:48 TV hands recast

    Can I get 1 set as well? Thank you.
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