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  1. I've posted some of mine on sales section for trade, but I could sell them, if you want.
  2. Going back to the original question... My love for aquarion lasted about an hour. I opened it, saw it and sold it... In general, I only keep the toys I really like... SOC Mazinger (gx-01r), Tetsujin28 (did I spell it right?), Maginger girls, Takara MP convoy, etc. Macross (bandai reissues) Even if my feelings go away, if I see them or play with them, suddenly my love(?) for them comes back... I've been also collecting some Saint seiya figures. Not sure how I feel about them though. My feeling is that I would slowly drift away from them soon and only keep 2 or 3 figures... I think regardless of the price I simply have to like the toy...
  3. Anyone??? Do any of you know where I can get one?
  4. Hi, I am interested in Max (white suit) and new Minmay figure. Please let me know if you have one to sell. Thanks
  5. yeah, That's the one I'm looking for. but I am wondering if I can get something instate... I don't like paying for shipping overseas... especially, from HK is so expensive...
  6. Hi, Does any one have a aphrodai snow white to sell? I am interested in buying one. Please let me know, Thanks.
  7. Hi can I order one too? Thanks.
  8. On the contrary.....the Sagittarius head piece is very useful As you expected,....you can put the Sagittarius cloth on Final Seiya At first it didn't make sense that Bandai would add the piece without a full purpose,...if you tried adding the new head to the old Seiya you would notice that it doesn't fit at all,....so I decided to "force" the shoulder piece together on the Final Seiya,..and tada~~ So with a little love and lots of pressure I'm sure you will be able to do it too,.....so no worries....go for it cuz the Final Seiya with the Sagittarius cloth looks so much more beautiful than the original. He looks much taller and is shaped much better,......I'll be sure to post some pics for you,....still waiting on Cancer (ughh) and Aries (oooh) so i can take a nice group shot of everyone released so far! Cheers Haru No, I think it looks beautify too. I've tried (forced) it. It is just the fact that it needs to be forced that bothers me (plus shoulder issue as well). It feels like the figure has to be ditorted a little to wear the cloth... And for me it's not worth it... unless I have 4 or 5 seiya figues.
  9. did anyone try to put Sagittarius' clothe on the final figure? It doesn't fit right... I think the shoulder area is too tight and I can't rotate the shoulder (or it takes great effort to do so) The new saiya comes with Sagittarius head peice, but it is not all that useful..
  10. I finally got my saiya final bronze... wow, it is so much better than the first one... He looks really nice. I am excited for dragon v3
  11. did anyone get saint seiya final bronze? It seems like that guy hasn't beek talked about much... For those who got him, how's the new body sculpt?
  12. I disagree. I think the characters are pretty good. I wish that they had released the Minmay in the Chinese dress, but it never happened. I only own the Lisa and Rick (those names are easier to type - ha), but they are probably the best "3D" Macross figures available to date. Wouldn't mind if more figures (be they large scale or small scale) were made, though. I haven't really seen a 15th anni valk out of the package, so I can't comment on that. Hey wait, Renato - did you mean the little figures that came with the 15th anni valks? I was referring to the 1/6 scale ARII 15th anni character figures. Aren't the CM's figures the best ???. at least I thought so... unless you don't count them as figures since they are trading kits...
  13. Hi all. This is a long shot, but I am interested in Aphrodai a's (gx-08ma) normal breast missles (gold). I can give you Diana a's normal breast missles (gold) in return. I can buy them from you as well. Let me know if you are interested. Thanks. Question.
  14. Thanks Andy, I bought one from a member of robot-japan site. It wasn't new, but the guy said it was as good as new. Hope that is true.
  15. Hey Andy, No, I wasn't trying to imply that sellers at HK are trying to do that. I just meant that shipping over seas is costly (which makes price even higher). so that is why I was looking for opened ones in the States. I hope no HK sellers are offended
  16. I wasn't able to find any in $50 range. (I would have bought it...). Most of them are in high $60 and are from HK (shipping is another $20... that makes over $80 (mid $70, if lucky)... so... I have joined robot-jp recently. maybe I'll post a message... Thanks for your info anyways.
  17. Fansubs2000, Sorry, I am interested in gx-01r. thanks for your reply, nonetheless.
  18. Hi, I am looking for gx-01r in the States. Opened at a lower cost prefered. Please let me know if you are willing to depart with yours. Thanks.
  19. Hey, notice the new saint seiya has a wrist joint(s)... interesting. I am actually excited for this new seiya now...
  20. hey... this figure has a new mold... hmm... I am sure it is an improved version, but it looks little funny... Hey Q Yes it does look like a new mold. When you say it looks funny are you referring to the sculpt of Seiya's face? Cuz I think they molded it to look like the Overture animated Seiya if you notice the larger eyebrow So far I can't wait to get this one. The first Seiya face looks nothing like tha anime nor the manga. The closest looking Seiya face (the old anime) would be the one that comes with Saggitarius however the head is a little too small for the body when compared to Aioria. This new Seiya looks the best overall in my opinion. Just my 2cents though. The only question or doubt that I have with this prototype is the fact that there are no seams or slots to remove the front portion of his hair to place his tiara (notice the head shot pic) hhhhmmmm????? Haru No, I didn't mean his face. His face looks nice. I meant the body sculpt. his new abs and upper thigh...they look funny in that they are just ball shaped joints. That is all. It looks like one of those artistic wooden sculptures for drawing (you know one with no face you pose and draw...). I am not sure if I like it or not, though.
  21. hey... this figure has a new mold... hmm... I am sure it is an improved version, but it looks little funny...
  22. Hi, I have a follow up question. IN gx-01 (well I actually have gx-02b), 1. Knee joints can swivel aroung 360 degree and it is somewhat loose (unlike tetsujin) 2. and hip joints are pretty loose i.e. if I pick up the toy by its torse and hold it parallel to the ground, the leg falls (unlike tetsujin--I love tetsujin!). Is it like that in gx-01r as well?
  23. I know has been posted, but I can't seem to find it... Now, I am looking into Mazinger revised version...but what is the difference besides the height? Thank you.
  24. Hey... don't you think libra looks little funny? The shoulder armor seems really big. I have a question. So March release suppose to be the final bronze seiya, right? Which one is that (is it one before the divine seiy or is it the one?). Do any of you have the picture of it by any chance?
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