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  1. I know has been posted, but I can't seem to find it... Now, I am looking into Mazinger revised version...but what is the difference besides the height? Thank you.
  2. Hey... don't you think libra looks little funny? The shoulder armor seems really big. I have a question. So March release suppose to be the final bronze seiya, right? Which one is that (is it one before the divine seiy or is it the one?). Do any of you have the picture of it by any chance?
  3. try www.toyboxdx.com Someone there put a good review. From what I've read, it is really nice figure.
  4. I think VF-0S FAN meant the dead Gold Saints who wear Sapris(Hades armor) in the Hades chapter, like Saga, Camus, Shura, Deathmask, & Aphrodite in Sapris. Ah...! Got it. That make sense. Anyway, HLJ has Wyvern Radamanthys up for pre-order (with 5% discount). This time, it is under sci-fi instead of the figures section.
  5. Sorry if this sounds stupid..., but what is or who is Man-Faye and what did he do that he should be banned?
  6. Wow... that looks great. VF-0S FAN, since he is not a gold saint, I don't think he will be wearing golden colored armor.
  7. Hi, I am working on my portfolio and am looking for Neon Genesis Evangelion Theme song (instrumental versions) to use it as a background music for a slid show. I've tried to look for them online, but couldn't find instrumental ones. Plus, I have "content barrier" that blocks sites in question... If you have one in MP3 formet, and wiling to whare with me, please let me know. If I had some time, I would buy one of those sound track, but it is bit urgent and I don't have time to look for it and wait for it. My deadline is just around the corner... Thank you very much.
  8. Actually I have a question/statement regarding seiay figure shoulders... Because my virgo was bit loose, I kind of played around with it. It turns out that you can pull the shoulder joints out (I was able to pull out about less than quater of an inch...then it actually "Clicks and locks" as if it meant to do that) ... to compensate for the semi-bulging out armor hinge below the armpit area (my speculation). Again, I am not sure if this was intentional, so don't risk your figure if you don't want to, but for now, I've tried on Virgo and Andromeda figures shoulders and they seem to come out and "lock" properly.... Maybe I can take the figure apart this weekend to confirm it.
  9. I got my virgo yesterday... The figure is good. There seems to be more pieces of armor... Everything locks relatively well. and both figure (statue and the armor on the figure) looks very elegant and luxurious. But in my opinion, it is not as "cool" as aquarius or leo. I haven't really compared the heights, but virgo seem little shorter than aquarious. One side of the shoulder seem little loose, but other than that, it is a good figure. Sorry I don't have a digital camera... no pictures...
  10. Did any one get their virgo yet? Any reviews or pic?
  11. If Athena is released with it's cloth, I am getting one (or two) for sure.
  12. Hey, I was just cheking out Saint Seiya virgo on ebay... how come they are so expensive??? When leo first came out, they were only thrity some dollars (near 40), but now virgo is at least mid-high sixties... with shipping it's about eighties... What's going on?!?
  13. Here is one more. I was initially impressed by yammi 1/48, but over time, I am back to where I used to be: Bandai 1/55 is way to go.
  14. Yes. Aside from the slight mold change to the head (along with the addition of the chrome grill) it's a repaint of Hound. Yeah... but Swindle looks so much nicer than Hound... is it just me?
  15. thanks eyesonme78 for those pictures. It does look really nice. I wish those figures will be made in myth clothes set as well.
  16. Well, although bronze are main characters, they aren't that impressive. I had 3 bronze, but sold them all. Recently I bought one of the gold saints and I thought it was very nice. If you don't or cannot collect bronze ones, I don't think you are missing much...
  17. Are there any females in Gold Saints? I don't remember the story very well as I've read them 10 yrs ago... Recently, I've been looking up on them and it seems that all gold saints are males, including mu and virgo... is that right?
  18. Hey, Can any one do a short review on Aquarius? I am interested in him since my birthdate is on 14th of Feb (I know I know... I am narcissistic)... I bought first three, but I didn't like them too much and I sold them all. But since gold saints came out, something about them, draw me again. Is Aquarius better then previous ones? Are there any improvement? How do you like them?
  19. Solscud007, Are there any updates on JM ostrich?
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