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  1. Valkyrie Factory in the 90s, what a web page that was. It was at the top of my list.

    I miss all the old links... Valkyrie Factory, Rosario Love's Dreamflight, Valkyrie Exchange... because it wasn't just a store, it had a lot of interesting pages. Your cockpit and stickers was the tops too!

    But now I rather keep my 1/55s pristine and original. The other toys provide all the articulation and extra detail. But they still can't beat the fun of transforming it.

  2. Maybe Macross exists in an alternate reality where humans can withstand significantly higher G-loads than real people can, but it's completely normal for them so it's never brought up. Or maybe Valks Just have Luxuriously soft and cushy hands.

    Remember I'm the first series, Hikaru jumped from what looked like a three story tower during training and there's a lot of scenes where a pilot will jump straight into a cockpit while it's in Gerwalk. I don't think it's so much physics or science but it just gives certain characters a bit of cool factor or shows whimsy for that certain scene, just because they can get away with it in animation. You can almost compare it to when a cowboy jumps straight onto a horse's back from a second story balcony on old westerns or characters jumping from roof to roof in kung fu movies.

  3. Yeah. They'll use cheaper plastic and crumbling rubbery parts to keep the quality consistent. But don't worry prices will be the same or more. Hey that's why you agree to distribution right?

  4. Ever since that custom was posted, I've seen a ton of people emulating the technique. And they look pretty good. One guy did an an Optimus Prime. But there was even a girl that painted herself as different cel shaded anime characters. Can't believe it took this long for some one to introduce it. Pretty cool style.

  5. The fact that the three characters share a scene pretty much 100% confirms Mirage is the other point of the triangle. Especially since Hayate didn't interact with any other females at all.

    Main character has to interact with the two other members of the triangle in the first ep. Tis Macross law

    (And I've just set myself up for a bunch of counter examples)

    All the promotional art once Mirage was revealed kinda confirmed this. It's gonna be fun for sure but I'm not yet convinced that this guy deserve either one. Lol. Maybe they'll pull a Legend of Korra on is.

  6. No offense, I don't really use Twitter, so having a bookmark was pretty handy for making the daily rounds. I've been pretty expressive where it's appropriate, but here I'm just trying to "Macross."

    If Tochiro refuses to post here, then that's that. If you guys are still forcing the matter... that's a whole different thing. He has access to the forums and to the front page. If he doesn't want to use them any more then let me know. If you guys want to discuss Macross somewhere else, let me know. It's all pretty simple.

    But let's not play games.

    The mods decided not to let the matter get worse by jumping into a flame war. Let me just show you what you agreed to when you first signed up here:

    Per the TOS:

    All Rules and Guidelines above are subject to the interpretation of the Macross World Staff. The Macross World Staff reserves the right to modify these rules at any time. By accessing this forum and website, you agree to abide by these Rules and Guidelines.

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