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  1. No. The Rabbit suits are new designs for the movie only. The Mars Base Suit is more like the SDFM pilot suits but different detail. The helmet is also.

    Do it..... you know you want too....

    I'll have prices by the early next week. I'll also see what else I can put into the set to make it worth it. I guess I have to make those DYRL pilots too... lol.

  2. Not only are the mechanical designs pretty but those schemes are killer... Each one of them. Macross Delta is really at the top of its game concerning Macross shows... I need that Messer Valkyrie!

  3. But the original Hi-Metal line started with Macross 7 VFs. It went belly up after they started releasing VF-1 toys.

    I feel like they stopped the Hi-Metal VF100 line to focus on the SDF stuff because they were probably the only successful part of the line. It wouldn't make sense to me that they would kill the line because it did so poorly and then base it around that same series after a year or so... this is all conjecture on my part...

    But they seem to be open to making valks that are not so obscure... hopefully they'll decide to do those... after all the enemy mechs and destroids... lol.

  4. Saw it in IMAX 3D in the one of the front rows (sitting in the front of the theatre was not my choice). Maybe I didn't notice or feel that way because I was too busy straining my damn neck trying to see the entire screen.


    Me too. I sat too close to the IMAX screen and got too dizzy combined with the 3D. I ran out the next day to see it again in 2D. But the great thing was i was close enough when Kevin Feige and the Russo Brothers dropped by... :lol:


  5. Yeah, unfortunately that's the risk some of us take with importing these. Definitely some pros & cons to be weighed. Hopefully it all works out for everyone though.

    Yours is only the second mention of this missing piece I believe. And, out of curiosity, how is it your fault?

    I saw it on the floor and picked it up but I forgot where I put it... lol.

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