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  1. Got my Roy in today, and it's missing a piece. :( but I did get the limited stand even though I placed the order after they started shipping. And given the n-y is the company I went through I have no recourse. Well at least it's not a major piece.

    Are a lot of people missing this piece? I'm missing one also... my fault though.

  2. Qurule(?) seems to be the team pet, or at least that of the girls.

    yeah, it seems like it's a dorm mascot. Kaname had it this episode. But it does seem to follow Mirage more. Maybe because she stays home more... lol.

  3. Just saw on MW facebook that in Deltas ep 3 Mirage trains Hayate with a couple of vf-1. I wonder if that enebles Bandai to do a dx vf-1....

    Not to mention that the schemes closely resembles Jetfire... lol. Bandai sweeps across the board, they should really do a scene with fast packs.

  4. Leave it up to Sketchley to argue over semantics about the proper pronounciation of terms. Just let it go, dude. We all know what is intended; I accept both spellings equally.

    It's just a friendly discussion, not really an argument.

    But at the same time, this is the newb and short questions thread, you guys should really take the discussion to a more appropriate thread or start one if there isn't any already. Thanks!

  5. I've noted it in the forum worklog, but as we pointed out before, MW runs on the free sorum software and it's hard to get all the extras. Shawn pays for the server and still does the administrative updates and maintenance at his leisure... so be patient. We'll do what we can.

  6. Captain Phillips?

    I like Greengrass's style tho'. It mimics documentary style camera work and they don't just shake the camera to show fake urgency. But I do remember not liking the second Bourne movie because I had to sit way in the front of a crowded theatre. I caught it again at home and ended up loving that movie.

  7. yeah, i'll be interesting if they do a dx vf-1 ex, i want to see it go head to head w arcadia

    I want my 1/35 VF-1EX! Both schemes...

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