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  1. There was a BIG hint near the end. After Hopper leaves the Christmas party, he leaves a couple of Eggo waffles in the box along with the other food. Elle loves Eggos!

    I thought it was great. I binged an entire day away on it. Loved the call-backs to my youth, as well as the ET/Alien/Mystery/Goonies feel. Really hit all the marks there. And was I the only one that caught a Chunk vibe off of Dustin?

    And yes, that final scene certainly hints that the monsters are not done with!

    Really hope they come out with a Series 2!

    Oh yeah... that's true!

    Here's a list of the shows it reminded me of... (that I can remember, but I was thinking of so many more while watching it)






    Altered States

    Evil Dead (obvious)

    Super 8 (this is the way better version of...)


    Under The Skin (newer Scarjo movie)


    In most of these cases, this show was the better version of those productions.

    And Wynona... don't know why I've never been into her before, but I've been into her lately now that's she's older. Except for Beetlejuice... that was just a goth thing tho... lol.

  2. Major Spoiler:

    I thought the end was going to hint on Eleven being around but it went towards the monster.... I guess it makes sense if they're going for a second season. I hope if there was a second season, it's somewhat disconnected, some sort of anthology similar only in name. Or else I'm fine with one season.

  3. Anybody know the latest development of this RC-4E Rabbit? Mastering completed or not?


    Its at the recaster's hands right now... On the verge of going out... I've been emailing the updates slowly thru the email list. Let me know if your not getting them.

  4. Yep these figures fit in the Glaug and Regult with bent legs.

    Hell yeah!

    The thing is those figures don't have the giant pointy knees and platform boots that the zentradi soldiers have. so it'll still look like zentradi pilots with no boots on. But I'd like to see what position the legs are in so I can kind of mimic the degrees the knees bend.

  5. The one in the Glaug is too small.

    Yes... But it'll look cool!

    What about rubbery materials so the pilot could squeeze in?

    You can't squeeze that much rubber into the cockpit and still expect a 1/100 pilot to look the same... lol.

  6. Beautiful work! Any chance you could do a run of "true" 1/100 for both standing and sitting figs?

    Depends on how many want it. But I can certainly print them. The cost goes up for printed versions, though.

  7. No... the smaller one standing is 1/144. The one sitting is much smaller and doesn't have it's lower legs. Having the lower legs would prevent it from sitting especially with the big pointy knees. And I don't think anyone wants to cut their toys.

  8. 1/100ish figure with 1/144 and non scale pilot. The sitting pilot looks to small so I resizing it. I scaled the standing one to the valkyrie instead of a true 1/100.


  9. Got it from HLJ at around 12:04 PST... by the time it processed they were gone. I don't really sweat pre-ordering because they come on so often before they get released. But it's nice to have them reserved and not have to constantly check availability.

  10. In the cockpit? Like I said, I'll include either that or a figure with the thumbs up with one of the ground crew sets. It won't make sense to have it with the pilot sets because usually people display them in flight. But with a ground crew set, it'll make sense because it's right before take off.

    The problem with having so many random figures is I get stuck with a bunch of figures that I don't want. Right now I have stuff for sale in a different forum and there's 6 sets and there's 2.5 set that don't move.

  11. lol... tiny little signs are extra.

    Like I mentioned in the first post, I can only provide the figures that most people would want. Unfortunately that'll be the more standard figures. I can't really do custom figures because by the time the people hear how much it costs for them to pay for custom figs they realize that it's way too much to even think about commisioning. Especially at the scale they are in, no one would pay for a sculpt of a whole entire body and getting a tiny small tiny piece of urethane plastic... getting it 3D printed is even more.

    Sorry guys I'm just looking for the most basic ideas and I think that I pretty much have it. Some of this stuff has been modeled previously for other sets, that's why I'm willing to do it, but I'll make sure to put together some new ones to make the sets more interesting. I'm also trying to avoid figures that are included in other 1/72 figure sets that can be obtained easier and for less money. There's 1/72 Hasegawa crew men that would be less than the cost of my sets will be.

    For people that want 1/48s. I can probably arrange to get them 3D printed. Again. 3D printing is more especially at a larger scale.

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