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  1. I don't know anything about a Tech-Rowboat, or whatever you were talking about... but in Macross there has to be a better answer than "just vanished."

    Actually, in space (inthe sci-fi world, of course), things do vanish. How do you explain where something is when it's in the middle of nowhere.

    But the wway they disappeared is simple. They were fold generators. They generated a wormhole for them to travel thru except they didn't take the Macross all the way with them. Instead, the Macross was dropped off somewhere else.

  2. Since it's start-over-from-scratch time, I decided to change my name from 'czahr' to the name I've been wanting to use, 'eriku'. I've also given Amelie a rest for my avatar and opted for a tree of life that a friend of mine drew.

    Good to be back and great to see everyone again! B)

    We want Audrey Tatou back!!!

    We, meaning me! :angry:

  3. I...I...(sorry, it's just so hard to...say)...I have no "buddies"...no friends...no family...not even a f***ing Penpal...what a miserable existance...whats wrong with me... B)


    Well... to start you're a criminal who hacked up a hundred policemen. You got a big two big scars on your face and your body does weird stuff when sliced into many pieces.

    You also enjoy traveling the Japanese countryside with young japanese girls.


    um... about the last thing... PM me, ol' buddy ol' pal.


    You can PM me too. We'll talk about anything you want... maybe even about a certain dinner with some people from a certain *ahem* company. You know, I'm a pretty confidential guy. Trustworthy. yeah. That's it!


    Who else could I confide with about female flight suit fetish but you and BoB.


    Exo - who need to stop after a couple beers

    :( No :beerchug: smilies???

  4. It's settled, I guess. Still.. I prefer the black heatshield on a VF-1S. I bought extras, so I'll be using one of those. Does this mean that Max's VF-1S heatshield was supposed to be blue?

    I always felt that the only black heat shield was Roy's. And it's not animation error. When they put shadows over the logos and sometimes eyes in animation, they always let the light color shine thru. Like the yellow on Batman's chest. He may be completely in the shadows but his symbol is always in sight.

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