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  1. Hey Rob!

    Recasting, as far as taking someone else's work is forbidden. So as far as the custom heads you made, that's still good.

    What happened was actually something I did. I recasted side covers for the 1/60 valkyries and i was contacted by the sculptors of the toy in an actually very polite letter. I brought it up to the mods and we put together rules that still allows people to put out their customs. The rules protects the customizers as well as official products. This was all behind the scenes so you won't find a thread on it, but I've written about it before.

  2. Or if you prefer it with sound..


    Lol... I think that'll have to many undercuts for recasting...

    I forgot to address the the 1/48 question... I think there won't me enough demand for 1/48 because the kits come with pilots and also there's ground crews available in scale also. but the good news is this will be digital files so I can rescale it for people that really want it. Bad news is it costs more since there's less demand. I've already tried to solicit it in the past.

    I'm thinking it's going to be 5 figures each. Two sitting pilots and two standing and one ground crew person. One set will be a mix of male/female. And one will be all male.

    And then two sets of ground crew support. One on deck and one hangar type... I think that's the best way to seperate it.

  3. Hi Cowie, there's a rule against unauthorized recasting in the forums. The only time we allow it is when there's a piece that continuously breaks from a toy and that's because the manufacturer is not allowed to support fans outside of Japan. But we also protect kit makers in or out of the forums as best we can.

    I'm trying to think of the best way to group these sets. I don't like selling them individually because A. it's cost more to sell just one piece. B. It's a pain to ask the recaster to fill a mold and just to sell one piece. C. We get stuck with a bunch of pieces that a few people ask for but at the end no one wants.

    I'm also thinking separate TV and DYRL sets. One set, all male and one set mixed (male and female)... because i know more people will want predominantly male pilots.

    I would probably add the the thumbs up pilot to the ground crew set because that's more of a diorama piece and some people display their valks in flight... that would look weird.

  4. So, why don't they just order the HMR version instead? :unsure:

    I was kidding... But after a decade, it's probably worth paying for an HMR rather than wait for a boat that slow.

  5. For everyone waiting on theirs, just remember that Robotech fans are still waiting for the toynami one still on a boat somewhere in the China sea... :lol:

  6. Mine is sitting at customs... so tomorrow or Saturday it'll be here. I either forgot to hit complete transaction on my shipping or they double billed me because it sat all weekend until I had to do it all over on Monday. Or else it would be here by now.

  7. So I decided to start this thread as a response to the demand on figures for 1/72 kits. I was going to start a poll but I thought I should let people give me an idea which figures are most wanted for now. Just remember that obscure choices are less likely to happen because molds are going to be made to get the most figures made out of them. Think about what the community would want to see most. I'm already aware of seated pilots made for Hasegawa VF-1 cockpits and of course these will be unpainted.

    Here's the ones I did for the Lancer II kit that I made previously. (left one is not mine, just there for comparison)


  8. those were CM's figs AFAIK

    They are CMs but they were in conjunction with Yamato somewhat... Remember that the Max and Millia fit in the Q-Raus...

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