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  1. HI all, What is the biggest Mclaren F`1 diecast car??? Is there a bigger one than 1/12??? Thanx, Aireek
  2. HI all, LOL!!! Awesum pics guys! IS that the Macross kite??? The third pic from the bottom, SMS squardron Leader? Thanx, Ear-ekk
  3. HI all, I've been outa the loop rather long... Anyone know where I could get a copy of this??? Is the Limited Edition worth it? Thanx, Air-eek
  4. HI all, How are these kits holding up? Wasn't Macross Frontier the introduction of these model kits? Are they getting better with each new productions, like the Delta Vfs? What is the census on joint stiffness? Anything not working out? Thanx, Eric J.
  5. HI all, Whats the story behind joint stiffness? How are these kits holding up? Thanx, Air-eek
  6. HI all, Is this 19 the best perportioned? If not, which one?? Thanx, Eric J.
  7. HI all, Do they make a complete set all together??? Where??? May consider buying used, however it may not happen right away... Still tryin to recuperate from x-mas, lol.... Thanx, Eric J. Found one.... Mods may delete if you wish... sorry for wasting space!!!
  8. HI all, What there is to bargain for: Iron Man Revoltech Figures: ALL MIB MK 3 40.00 MK 6 30.00 MK 7 40.00 Midas armor, or a gold MK 7 35.00 Mk 42 50.00 ALL pieces below Amazon prices!! $$ 5-10 less... total price, taking into consideration Amazon prices, is 170.00 + 15 shipping... If you wish to negotiate for 1 or a few, and not all 5, shipping price will change. The Mk 6 cannot be found on amazon, however a google search and an old amazon puts the figure around 40 + dollars... I had to take the pics with my Kindle, and could most easily take more if a buyer needs... PIc 1 is Midas + mk 7 called IM2 Pic 2 is Mk 42 called IM 3 Pic 3 is Mk 3 called IM 4 PIc 4 is Mk 6 called IM1 Please lemme know if you are interested.... Thanx!! Eric J.
  9. HI all, LOL, thanx for your input! I hope this feeling is subsiding, *facepalm* Yeah, I jus realized the second book by Crichton coulda answered, of which I hav read already. The quest-ing, was about a third book in the series, is this so? Thanx, Eric J.
  10. HI all, I tried going thru this thread 2wice with no avail... I coulda swore someone wrote that Ian Malcolms character had a book, was this so? Thanx!! Eric J.
  11. HI all What you say DuelGundum2099 is funny... In a good way though... I mean what comic book doesn't have continuity problems? So many what ifs n future refrences and the like that even fanboys argue its continuity, lol....
  12. HI all, I was curious if anyone knew the length of time for a pre order? I mean some sites may only offer this shorter than others, since there is usually a discount with a pre order. Say the pre order starts June 19 2014, and it has a November release, how long would HLJ keep it under a pre order. Now that that is hopefully more explained, you did infact tell me something I wasn't considering, and that was it could be a pre order up until it is released, thanx! Ear-ick
  13. HI all, Would anyone know how log HLJ keeps product under a pre-order?
  14. HI all, There was also a show back when I was much younger called: Man and Machine. Yancy Butler played the android. I forget who the cop was. Thanx, Air-eek
  15. HI all, Thanx. I was pretty sure they didn't but ya never know sometimes. Ear-ick.
  16. HI all, Does anyone know if Hot Toys ever created a Green Lantern movie figure? Thanx, Air-eek
  17. HI all, How about 40 each, shipped? Does that catch anyones eye? Thanx, Air-eek.
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