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  1. Thumbs up to Rabidweezil for a smooth transaction. My second time dealing with a member of MW. Good communication and fast shipping many thanks!!!
  2. I don't own any 19's but I'd go with the Arcadia if I had $250-300 to drop.
  3. Hi! Are you selling parts? Which and how much? I'm looking to restore mines but not transform it.
  4. Hi, any progress or completion on this or still on hiatus?
  5. Thumbs up to Mechapilot77 for a smooth transaction. My first time dealing with anyone on MW and my very first Frontier valk. Many thanks!!!
  6. How much additional costs to make the front and/or back logos 10"-12" in diameter? That would be the shirt I want.
  7. Amazing collection in just half a year. I'm envious... Now you need to get some display cases.
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