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  1. Of course the Japanese government (3rd richest in the world) gives to disaster relief, I am talking about individual charitable contributions like the members on this board are making of course. Ever notice how the Japanese charity collectors outside Shibuya station specifically target white people for money? Actually Japan ranks 119 out of 153 nations in the World Giving Index compiled by charities. Pretty weak for a wealthy nation wouldnt you say? But like I said its a cultural thing and Japan is an Asian culture which is based on shame rather than guilt. (China ranks almost dead last). You can see the report here: http://www.cafonline.org/Default.aspx?page=19428 In other news the commercial media here is beating this whole thing up so bad too, saying how their reporters are now fleeing Fukushima and Tokyo and the whole country because its just `too dangerous`. Also saying how Japan is apparantly seeking help from Australian nuclear experts...um.. we have 1 nuclear reactor, Japan has 55 why the fxxx would our experts know more?? Sounds like bullsxxx to make Australian viewers feel important to me. other experts have been on TV fielding questions like `what is the danger to Australian cities?` and giving answers like `while the radiation will spread out through the whole world, Australia should survive the worst of it.` After this incident I have an even better opinion of nuclear power than I did before. an 8.9 and a tsunami cant even fully take these motherfxxxxxs out.
  2. well more specifically they are non-anomorphic transfers that do not look good on widescreen TVs. I got the definitive LDs yesterday. Very happy, love that LD smoothness as well. by the way I hope the world ends in 2012 as predicted just so I dont have to experience 3D star wars.
  3. Call ME heartless and you are welcome to do whatever you want with your money but I won`t be donating to this appeal. There`s just something off about it seeing as Japann is a rich country but their public generally do not give to charity of any kind themselves. I mean theres something I just don`t like about the Japanese students at my local university asking for donations now but a month ago when Australia had its biggest floods in half a century and thousands were made homeless they didn`t give a fvck. I know the Australian floods were nothing like this scale but still a lot of Australians gave but Japanese culturally do not give money to charity. They seem happy to ask for it though? Just doesn`t sit right with me is all.. Now giving to a country that gives like the US, or a dirt poor country that has nothing to start with, that I can get behind.
  4. That would be cool, but why settle for properly computer animated VF-1s? Why not aim for properly HAND animated VF-1s, like with every episode being on par with episode 18 of SDFM? Now add widescreen and high resolution capture and you have something special that old and new anime fans could appreciate.
  5. I`m basically hoping to see Aliens, except the Marines have modern day equipment. Actually, why don`t I just go and watch my aliens LD instead? I don`t know.. Disagree, Skyline was great. So many cool death sequences and a cool twist ending. What do you expect from a popcorn movie?
  6. A Macross 7 sequel petition? I`m starting my own petition, just quote this post and put your name down if you actively oppose a Macross 7 sequel. No sequel is better than a Macross 7 sequel I say.
  7. Went to a house party on the weekend. They had a Japanese Wii and a subscribtion to the Japanese Joysound karaoke service (basically every song in those tombs they have in Japanese karaoke booths on demand online). Are there ANY plans or rumours about this coming to PS3? It seems like the perfect excuse to get Japanese girls in my room !! : )
  8. beautiful LA, never seen that before. Where would people here who own them say the best place to buy original SDF doujin would be? Mandarake in Nakano or online?
  9. Coolness. Does it go online to check gracenote, you put in the title info manually or is that one of the few CDs that was actually encoded with title information?
  10. I guess if I had that CD player Id want to brag about it every chance I got too?
  11. Yeah and 2 and a half men doesn`t make any sense either. Alan is a full time chiropractor but in the span of 8 years can`t manage to save up enough money to move out of his brother`s house.
  12. Not the biggest music collection here LA2019 but definatley one of the nicest.
  13. fvckkkk, I NEED one of these. I`m in physical pain right now.
  14. Thanks so much for your post VT 1010, some really good stuff in there. My monitor is an Australian market sony 40 inch 1080P LCD KDL40Z5500 from 2009 apparantly with a 3D comb filter. I don`t know if it has any kind of 2:3 pulldown detection, its not mentioned in the manual. I am using composite and to be honest the picture isn`t that blurry at all and that was an overstatement, I guess I was just used to super sharp video from my blu rays, if anything the video is a little `muddy`, but looks more natural. The other thing that is bothering me is that I cannot seem to make the most of my screen area. I believe DYRL? was shot in 1.85:1 and my TV is 16:9 or 1.77:1 so I expect some letterboxing but I also get pillarboxing unless I distort the picture. It`s really annoying me!! I have a sony DA50ES via AC-3 RF for sound processing, DYRL already sounds epic, thats the other great thing about LD, I can`t overstate the richness of the sound at high volumes.
  15. Just got a low end LD player(Pioneer CLD-S300V for $20). Finally playing my small collection of LDs and really appreciating the film like quality of the analogue video. I don`t mind a soft picture, but what are the best ways of getting the most out of my LDs on a HD LCD TV? I know its not an ideal monitor but to maximise picture quality what LD player would people recommend as good value for money in the 2nd hand market? Also are there some kind of booster boxes to improve picture? I don`t expect or want my LDs to look sharp like DVDs but sometimes the blurriness is extreme and I just want to get the most out of the format. I can see myself building a big LD collection in the future. (I can`t get over the smoothness of the picture, it really pleases me in an oldschool way, at the moment I am preferring the CAV DYRL? to the remastered DVD and my FX copy in many ways.) Star Wars trilogy definitive as well as a stack of concert LDs are on their way... Anyone else here still get excited about LDs?
  16. I object to Macross II being comined with the inferior Macross Plus in the poll.
  17. Of course it`s Laputa, the fluidity of the animation, the characters, the story, the robots, everything is perfect. I mean the scene of the railway tracks just blows me away every time I watch it. The only movie of his I don`t like however is Grave of the Fireflies that reeks of the Japanese perpetual victim mentality I dislike so much. You know, he could have had at least one scene in that movie that showed Japanese troops advancing across Manchuria or its pilots bombing pearl harbor, just to give Japanese kiddies a little perspective as to why this was happening to two innocent Japanese kids. IS Grave his movie though, or is it just Ghibli? I get confused in my old age...
  18. Did he get lost in deep space forever? This would make my day.
  19. There`s nothing like a Fokker Strike..best Valkyrie ever.
  20. Thankyou Solscud, I will and thankyou for the info, I just checked out the whole of this thread and felt a bit stupid asking these questions. Turns out there is a group in my area that plays regularly and my local K-mart has the Recon and the Raider in stock. Planning on taking the drum mag off the raider for the recon and removing air restrictors to get started. Is it possible to take the stock from the Raider and easily fit it to the Recon? The Recon stock looks really bad..
  21. Are you saying that Japanese cells are better than US ones? Clearly they once were in the 90s and early 2000s (Japanese phones had cameras, picture mail and i-mode long before western phones had those kind of capabilities) but the top end phones I had in Japan from 2005 to 2010 from docomo were horrible, endless menus to do simple things (4 menus to get a contacts number), convoluted menus for everything else. I do like the clamshell designs and previously relatively large screens but iphone just craps on anything from Japan for user-friendliness. The Japanese don`t like iphone though because it doesnt have the barcode reader they constantly use to upload info from pamphlets and posters, or wallet function. When I came back to Australia in 2010 I was blown away that a phone could be so easy to use when I got my iphone. I`m not an IT geek so I don`t need esoteric customisability on my phone and I dont use apps so iphone clearly has the most sensitive touch screen and ease of use. The only thing I dont like is having to have filthy itunes on my PC to change anything on my iphone. I much prefer to listen to music in pure .wav through sony`s x-appli software.
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