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  1. +1 for cypherxv for being an awesome buyer. Thanks again.
  2. As the title says, selling these as a set. The VF-25F was bought from Mandrake and is still sealed in the plastic wrap it originally came with. With Mandrake having stores within Japan, I'm not sure if the valk was opened before I bought it. The Fast Packs were bought as web exclusives and is still sealed in the cardboard box it came with. Looking to sell these for Sold! within the continental USA. Please add 5% for Paypal fees if you are not comfortable sending it via Paypal personal payment. PM is the best way to reach me. Thanks for looking!
  3. very nice work! it looks awesome!
  4. hey folks, as the title says, i have a loose VF-0S and mib ghost booster pack for sale. please look at the pictures for the condition of the VF-0S as i've bought it from a fellow mw'er here about a year ago i think. the tabs where the legs lock into plane mode are loose. no problem with the shoulders. comes with everything pictured. as for the ghost booster pack, also bought it from a fellow mw'er. its mib (as it comes from yamato not sealed), never removed from the tray, everything intact including instruction manual and decal. looking to sell this as a set for sold to brannon. payment is gonna be via paypal + fees unless you wanna send it other options via paypal. i'm on the ss list here and have plenty of feedback from the other boards. pm is the best way to reach me. thanks for looking!
  5. +1 for jvmacross for buying my max and milia valks. good communication and fast payment. thanks again and hope you enjoy the valks!
  6. hey folks, as the title says, i'm selling my yamato 1/60 max and miria vf-1j w/ super parts version 2. both are brand new in box, sealed, never opened or played with since i got them from hlj a few years back. sorry, no pics as of this time, we all know what they look like. selling it as a set for ***sold to jvmacross*** w/in the continental usa. i'm on the ssl here and have plenty of feedback on other boards as well. pm is the best way to reach me. thanks.
  7. i know its highly unlikely, but just in case item #5 becomes available again, i would like to take it. thanks.
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