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  1. From the album: navy squadrons

    Our CAG bird posing for a photo shoot.
  2. Iceblue106

    VF-142 Ghostriders

    From the album: navy squadrons

    Prior to the engine upgrade.
  3. From the album: navy squadrons

    1998 Grand Slam, Battle "E" award winners standing in my "ice cream suit" summer whites
  4. Iceblue106

    VF 142 Tail

    From the album: navy squadrons

    Line watch duty on the weekend 1993
  5. All this talk about building tomcats has got me inspired to start a build of one that i hold dear to me. I actually served in this squadron from 1994- 1998 so i about fell over when i came across this in the local hobby shop. I have to say it will be different painting it in this scale vs painting the actual aircraft in real life. (didnt have to add the dirt, hyd fluid, oil or grease to that paint job) I'm actually considering painting the vf-1's non-assembled/no paint in a slightly modified paint scheme from this squadron as well as 1 from each of the 3 squadrons i served in during my time in the navy. Pics below.. Blue
  6. I got suckered in as well, always wanted one of these but not for 400 plus bucks... anyways on the hlj website it shows both Hikaru and Minmay in their advertisement (last 2 pictures) so i'm gonna go out on a limb and say they are included as well. Blue http://www.hlj.com/product/YMT00227
  7. I saw those over there too as well...the appear to be around the same dimensions of the Mechanical Chain Bases and IHO i would purchase the chain bases over these. Blue
  8. I think you did a wonderful job on all your aircraft... I like the greasy look on the nose of 200, probably from one of those damn plane captains that just got done removing or adding the chocks and chains lol, all are very realistic paint jobs. Blue
  9. Iceblue106


    From the album: valks

  10. After thumbing through a google search i found a (sadly small) image taken from the VF-1 Master files book that supports Dobbers agreement. Even in such a small image you can plainly see the black "ghost line" (in Navy terms) on the upper radome, canopy and turtle back/hog back panel area. As far as the double red stripes go (on both wings) it appears to possibly be a misinterpretation of the image given in the master file since the present a split top/bottom view of the valk. Misinterpretation or not, I like this paint scheme however i do agree the grey area on the radome looks horrible. Blue
  11. lol that would be me....1/60 please Blue
  12. Hey there Yeti, I was curious as to the actual panel size of this wall template shown in the above post by you. I'm putting together a 2 level 1/60 hanger deck diorama and would love to use these templates or something simular in size. Please PM me with the details and perhaps cost as well (if you have some spare time.) Thanks bud, Blue
  13. Is that the same one that has the amber L.E.D's in the strike cannons? Or was that somebody else who has that picture? Regardless that is an awesome pic!! Blue
  14. Just though i would add some "clean" non decal pics of Hikaru in my "work in progress" 1/60 valk hanger (and yes those panels are from tundrayeti)
  15. Count me in for at least one set there Yeti (1/60 scale of course)
  16. Thanks for the update there MT..and hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving as well!! Blue
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